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postPerspective: Review: Tangent Ripple color correction panel

Editor and writer, Brady Betzel, reviews the Tangent Ripple control surface in this postPerspective article. Towards the end, he gives special attention to how the Ripple works with Premiere Pro. He has some very nice things to say about it, "It seems Tangent worked very closely with Adobe when creating the Ripple. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but it really feels like this is the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tangent Ripple." Be sure to read the rest of Brady's review on this game-changing color control surface.

The Ripple feels like it was created for editors looking to dive deep into Premiere’s Lumetri color controls and allows you to be more creative because of it. —Brady Betzel, postPerspective


Motion Array: 10 Premiere Tutorials You Need to Watch

Over the past year, Motion Array has produced a handsome number of Premiere Pro tutorials for their fans and followers. You can find ten of their video tutorials in this blog post, free for your learning pleasure. These tutorials cover topics ranging from editing to creating specific looks and effects.

We’ve put together a list of 10 Premiere Pro tutorials that you need to watch to help you become a Premiere Pro, a pro at Premiere Pro. —Motion Array


VidProMom: Spooky Video Edits: Creepy Tricks for Premiere Pro

Just in time for Halloween. Meredith of VidProMom shows some simple editing tricks (or treats) in Premiere Pro to spookify your videos. This video tutorial is great for aspiring editors or editors who are new to Premiere Pro. Meredith will show you how jump cuts, overlays, and speed effects can be used to make your video look more creepy. It also helps if you have footage of a little girl playing in the backyard.

I don't really watch horror movies or scary movies, but every once and a while I see videos or commercials and I wonder "how did they edit it like that?!". Let me show you some tricks in Premiere Pro and some cool stuff in Filmora, too. —Meredith, VidProMom


Mike Russell: Essential Sound Music Remix and Stretch

In this short video, Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative shows how easy it is to retime music using Remix in Adobe Audition CC. In the latest release of Adobe Audition CC, Remix can be found in the Essential Sound panel. Remix lets you shorten or stretch a song to industry standard durations or your own custom target length. Obviously, this tool is ideal for Premiere Pro CC users since Adobe Audition CC comes with their Creative Cloud subscription.

Some cool stuff you can do with Essential Sound in Adobe Audition to remix and stretch any piece of music. —Mike Russell, Music Radio Creative


Premiumbeat: Essential Premiere Pro Time-Remapping Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up the way you speed up (or slow down) your clips in Premiere Pro. In this Premiumbeat blog post, Michael Maher shares some handy Premiere Pro time-remapping keyboard shortcuts that he picked up from trainer Luisa Winters at Adobe Video World 2016. The funny thing about this post is these shortcuts all have to do with using the mouse!

Speed up your footage and workflow with these powerful and simple Premiere Pro time-remapping keyboard shortcuts. —Michael Maher, Premiumbeat Blog


Adobe: Shin Godzilla Roars Into US Theaters

After a smashing success at Japan's box office, Shin Godzilla crossed the pacific last week, and was met with similar acclaim in US theaters. Shin Godzilla was written and co-directed by Hideaki Anno, and edited by Atsuki Sato. This Adobe blog post by Meagan Keane highlights some of the factors that led Atsuki to edit Shin Godzilla in Premiere Pro. Check out the video interview with Atsuki included in the blog post.

I’m very proud of being a part of this amazing film and look forward to working with Premiere Pro CC on future projects. —Atsuki Sato, Editor Shin Godzilla


VideoRevealed: The easiest audio editing for non-engineers in Adobe Audition

In this video tutorial, Colin Smith of VideoRevealed goes in-depth in the Essential Sound panel in Adobe Audition. This is great tutorial for Premiere Pro users who want to leverage the power of Adobe Audition with the ease that only the Essential Sound Panel provides. 

The Essentials Sound Panel gives total newbies incredible power to edit and fix audio like a professional engineer. Every setting is also customizable so an audio engineer can setup all the effects with their preferred settings. —VideoRevealed


Mike Russell: How to Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro

In this video, Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative shows how to use the Essential Sound panel in Adobe Audition to reduce background noise in an audio clip from Premiere Pro. Mike walks through the steps of sending audio from Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition, cleaning up the audio using the Essential Sound panel, and sending it back to Premiere Pro for final export.

Learn how to remove background noise in Adobe Premiere Pro like an audio professional. Use Dynamic Link and the Essential Sound panel in the latest version of Adobe Audition CC to eliminate background noise from video. —Mike Russel, Music Radio Creative