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Adobe: IBC Show 2016: The Tools You Need for Powerful Post-Production

Watch Adobe evangelist, Jason Levine, present the latest features in Adobe Creative Cloud live from IBC 2016. Jason covers features currently available in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, as well as some of the new updates coming out in the next release of Creative Cloud.

Jason Levine presents the seamless post-production workflow powered by Adobe Creative Cloud tools, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. —Adobe Creative Cloud


Motion Array: 8 Free Premiere Pro Templates & Presets

Motion Array's free Premiere Pro templates have been featured numerous times on both the Premiere Bro Blog and Week in Premiere. Motion Array has collected all their free Premiere Pro templates — eight total — into one post. To learn more about using Motion Array's Premiere Pro Templates, visit: How I Learned to Love Premiere Pro Templates.

Since launching the Premiere Pro templates category on Motion Array, we've seen an overwhelming positive response. If you're not familiar with Premiere templates and would like to wet your beak, we have 8 different free Premiere Pro templates and presets below that you can download and use royalty free. —Motion Array


Premiumbeat: A Quick Guide to Nesting in Premiere Pro

Nested sequences in Premiere Pro are great for two reasons: they reduce timeline clutter by condensing multiple clips into one, and they allow you to combine effects such as Warp Stabilizer and Time Remapping. Jourdan Aldredge demonstrates both of these scenarios in this Premiumbeat blog post.

Nesting in Premiere Pro is a great tool for streamlining a long project. It’s also great for combining more effects to a clip than is usually possible. Here’s how to use it. —Jourdan Aldredge, Premiumbeat Blog


JK Design: Adobe Video World 2016: 8 Takeaways for Video Creators

Premiere Bro and JK Design partner up to present a summary of the major themes from Adobe Video World 2016. Topics include: Creative Cloud updates, VR and Character Animator. This blog post is a cross-section of industry trends, not just in the Premiere Pro user community, but for all video creators.

Adobe Video World is a must-attend event for video creators who want to learn Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, and interact with the Adobe product managers, designers and engineers who develop those applications. —Sean Schools, JK Design

Source: Editing 4K on a Slow PC with Premiere Pro

In this video, Jordy Vandeput of shows how to use the proxy workflows in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC to edit high resolution footage. This workflow is especially helpful for editing 4K on a slow computer or laptop. In fact, a proxy workflow might be the difference between being able to edit your video, and not being able to at all!

Slow computers and 4K video editing doesn't go together. But there's an option in Premiere Pro that creates low resolution proxies in a very fast workflow. —Jordy Vandeput,


VideoRevealed: Proxy Workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this video tutorial, Colin Smith of VideoRevealed teaches how to use proxies in Premiere Pro. Proxy files are light-weight versions of the original camera files, and they are ideal for editing ultraHD footage, especially if you're editing with an older computer or on-the-go with a laptop. The proxy workflows in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 make it easy to generate and attach proxy files. Colin gives you a step-by-step guide in this easy to follow tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how Premiere Pro will create and attach proxies so you can work on large frame sizes on slower systems. It also covers creating custom Ingest Presets in case you find the included presets don't fit your needs. —VideoRevealed


Premiumbeat: Archive Your Project With the Premiere Pro Project Manager

In this Premiumbeat tutorial, Jason Boone breaks down how to archive a video project using the Project Manager in Premiere Pro. In short, the Project Manager allows you to export selected sequences with all their media to a single folder for easy backup or hand-off. Jason explains all the Project Manager settings you need to know to successfully create an archive of your project.

Archiving is the best way to share your Premiere Pro projects. Here's how to archive your projects in Premiere Pro. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat Blog