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Adobe: 5 Things to Look Forward to at Adobe Video World 2016

In this Adobe Creative Cloud blog post, Sean Schools a.k.a. Premiere Bro lists 5 things to get excited about at Adobe Video World 2016. Highlights include new trainers, VR, Character Animator, and celebrating Adobe Premiere Pro's 25th anniversary! It's an insightful read for Adobe Video World attendees.

There’s a lot to look forward to at this year’s Adobe Video World in Seattle, and not just for attendees. —Sean Schools, Premiere Bro

Dylan Osborn: Set Up a Proxy Workflow, Part 1

In this Done with Dylan tutorial, Dylan Osborn teaches how to set up a proxy workflow in Premiere Pro. CC 2015.3 and later. He walks through how to generate proxies, and explains the default proxy formats and sizes. Dylan does the math for you and provides a conversion reference, so you can select the right format for your footage. This tutorial is part 1 of 2-part series.

Improved performance is the goal of a proxy workflow, but you need to choose the right preset for your media and manage proxies through the edit. Part one shows you how to get set up. —Dylan Osborn

Jamie Brightmore: Highlight / colour individual words in Premiere Pro using Live Text templates from After Effects

In this blog post, filmmaker and designer, Jamie Brightmore, shows how to take advantage of live text templates in After Effects to create eye-catching onscreen text in Premiere Pro

A method for highlighting / colouring certain words in Premiere Pro using Live Text templates from After Effects. Very useful for the current trend seen in Facebook feeds where subtitles, or overlaid text, is required to attract attention. —Jamie Brightmore