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Shot Notes X 1.1.0 Compatible with Premiere Pro

Here's some exciting new software for Premiere Pro! Shot Notes X is a one-panel application that merges ScriptE, Movie Slate, or specific CSV text into an XML file. It's the perfect tool for converting production notes and shot logs into searchable metadata in an NLE. Formerly, Shot Notes X was only available for FCP X but, in this week's update, it is now compatible with Premiere Pro. Shot Notes X was created by Kevin Bailey, founder of Kopto Studios. Fun fact: As assistant editor, Kevin was part of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot keynote presentation at this year's Post|Production World, where Kevin demoed how Shot Notes X was used during the film's post-production. Glad to see Shot Notes X capabilities expanded to Premiere Pro! Available on the Mac App Store.

Import a Premiere XML, instead of a Final Cut Pro XML. Clips in the Adobe XML will be renamed and have metadata from the Shot Log applied. Uses the same Shot Log that is used with Final Cut Pro. —Shot Notes X

Motion Study: Diamond Brothers

Pixvana - Pixel Nirvana - interviews Jason Diamond of the Diamond brothers, founders of SuperSphere, a VR production company. SuperSphere uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC for its editorial work. This interview offers some great insights into 360 video and VR production, including camera rigs and audio. Pixvana is "a video creation and delivery platform for the emerging mediums of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality." 

Agenda Announced for the Ninth Annual Amsterdam SuperMeet

With IBC just around the corner, the annual Amsterdam SuperMeet announced it's agenda for September 11, 2016 in this ProVideo Coalition article. Taking the SuperMeet stage for the first time, and representing Adobe will be Bronwyn Lewis, Product Manager for Adobe mobile video. Among other things, Bronwyn will demonstrate the latest features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Get your tickets now! It's sure to be a memorable appearance for those able to attend. 

Adobe’s Bronwyn Lewis will take the SuperMeet stage for the very first time. Bronwyn will show how Adobe Creative Cloud empowers you to create visually stunning videos faster with industry-leading video and audio apps, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Media Encoder. Bronwyn will demonstrate the latest innovations in Premiere Pro CC. —PVC News Staff

Everything You Need to Know About Pancake Timelines

Many Premiere Pro users think they know pancake timeline editing in Premiere Pro. They drag and drop or copy and paste from one timeline to the other — and that's OK! But it's not editing, not in the traditional 3-point or 4-point editing sense. Certified Adobe Premiere Pro trainer, Dylan Osborn, clarifies what true pancake timeline editing is in this Done With Dylan tutorial. And he does it in less than 3 minutes! Learn more about Dylan's Premiere Pro tutorial series here: "Done with Dylan" Premiere Pro Tutorials for Intermediate Editors.

This "Done with Dylan" tutorial covers the useful features of pancake timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro. Did you know you can not only stack multiple timelines, but also insert and overwrite clips from one timeline to another? Learn all the steps in under 3 minutes. —Dylan Osborn

Working With After Effects Text Templates Inside Premiere Pro

In this RocketStock blog post, Jourdan Aldredge shares a step-by-step guide on how to create live text templates in After Effects and Dynamically Link them in Premiere Pro. This gives Premiere Pro editors the ability to customize the comp's text inside the Effect Controls panel. This blog post demonstrates the process with animated GIFs and a YouTube video tutorial by The Video Course.

Looking to streamline your workflow? With Adobe’s Live Text Templates you can work seamlessly inside Premiere Pro without bouncing back and forth into After Effects. —Jourdan Aldredge

How To Use the NEW After Effects Live Text Templates Inside of Premiere CC 2015

Kevin Anson of The Video Course teaches how to create Dynamically Linked live text templates in After Effects for Premiere Pro. Live text templates allow editors to customize the text of an After Effects comp inside the Effect Controls panel of Premiere Pro.

This lesson covers how to use Live Text Templates in Adobe After Effects. You can create a graphic in Adobe After Effects, and then change the text all inside of Adobe Premiere. —The Video Course

Closed Caption Overview in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this excerpt from a webinar, Larry Jordan gives a detailed overview of Closed Captions in Premiere Pro. He discusses how Closed Captions are different from Open Captions and Subtitles, and explains four Closed Caption file formats. This is a very informative video and will give you a good understanding of Closed Captions and how they are used.

Closed captions are intimidating! But, closed captions are also vital to understanding a movie for anyone who has trouble hearing or speaks a different language. The problem is that creating closed captions is not easy, even though captions are required for more and more media projects today. —Larry Jordan

Premiere Pro 2015.3 Pascal GPU Performance

Puget Systems tests the performance of Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 on the new NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) GPU. Great read for the Premiere Pro user who doubles as a computer wiz. Definitely check out this post if you're considering building your own UHD editing suite.

With new models of video cards being launched and updates to Premiere Pro being released on a constant basis, we spend a significant amount of time here at Puget Systems re-doing testing that is at times only a few months old. In fact, although our last Premiere Pro GPU article was published only about 2 months before this article, the release of Premiere Pro 2015.3 (10.4) as well as the new NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal version) video card meant that it is already time for us to re-run our benchmarks. —Matt Bach, Puget Systems