Shot Notes X 1.1.0 Compatible with Premiere Pro

Here's some exciting new software for Premiere Pro! Shot Notes X is a one-panel application that merges ScriptE, Movie Slate, or specific CSV text into an XML file. It's the perfect tool for converting production notes and shot logs into searchable metadata in an NLE. Formerly, Shot Notes X was only available for FCP X but, in this week's update, it is now compatible with Premiere Pro. Shot Notes X was created by Kevin Bailey, founder of Kopto Studios. Fun fact: As assistant editor, Kevin was part of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot keynote presentation at this year's Post|Production World, where Kevin demoed how Shot Notes X was used during the film's post-production. Glad to see Shot Notes X capabilities expanded to Premiere Pro! Available on the Mac App Store. 

Import a Premiere XML, instead of a Final Cut Pro XML. Clips in the Adobe XML will be renamed and have metadata from the Shot Log applied. Uses the same Shot Log that is used with Final Cut Pro.
— Shot Notes X

Sean Schools

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