Premiere Gal: 5 Premiere Pro Tutorials on Export Settings for Social Media

Learn how to export video from Premiere Pro to the top social media sites. Premiere Gal has just finished a week-long tutorial series on exporting and publishing videos from Premiere Pro to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow along as she shows how to create sequences, save them as presets, and upload them to the web using Premiere Pro's export presets and direct publishing. She also has a few custom export recipes and recommendations of her own!

Hear Premiere Gal talk about her "5 days of social", what inspired her, and who stands to benefit from this fun social media tutorial series.

One of my followers submitted a tutorial request for the best workflow and export settings for Social Media in Premiere Pro. I thought it was a great idea. Also, I couldn't find a resource with all the latest technical specifications and export settings for social media.
So I decided to take on the challenge myself in five-day tutorial series, called "5 days of social"!  Originally I was going to do one video, but to have more fun, and go into more detail, I split it into 5 videos. Video compression varies per project duration, but I hope my YouTube playlist can be a great starting point for beginners who want to upload and create platform-specific videos.
My main goal is to show how the platform itself can inform the aspect ratio, style, and duration of the video. For example, a Facebook video can be in a square format, much shorter, and is usually intended to get the viewer somewhere else. On the other hand, YouTube videos are longer; they're a place to learn and be entertained. I hope everyone finds it useful. I had a lot of fun, and even included some humor here and there with my openings! —Premiere Gal

All five videos are embedded below along with their 


How does the YouTube Player work? What the heck does bitrate do? What's the best bitrate for YouTube? I'll answer all these questions in this video tutorial. —Premiere Gal
  • At 2:55 Premiere Gal uses the YouTube 1080p HD export preset. At 3:57 she tweaks the BitRate Settings to VBR, 2 pass and drops the Target Bitrate to 6 Mbps.
  • At 5:58 learn how to export directly to YouTube using the Publish tab in Premiere Pro.


Does the Premiere Pro Vimeo Preset have the best bitrate settings for uploading to Vimeo? What is the best target & max bitrate for Vimeo in 1080p & 4k? I'll answer these questions! —Premiere Gal
  • At 1:18 Premiere Gal uses the Vimeo 1080 HD export preset. At 1:53 she tweaks the BitRate Settings to VBR, 2 pass and drops the Target Bitrate to 10 Mbps, and then goes on to show Vimeo's recommended settings for exporting 4K video.
  • At 3:16 learn how to export directly to Vimeo using the Publish tab in Premiere Pro.


What if you want to edit and create a square (1:1) video for Facebook? How do you setup your timeline? What export settings do you use? This video walks you through the process from timeline set-up to export settings. This video uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. —Premiere Gal
  • At 2:26 Premiere Gal shows how to create a square (1:1) sequence for Facebook and save it as a Sequence Preset.
  • At 6:50 learn how to add text to the letterbox areas above and below your video.
  • At 9:08 Premiere Gal does not use the Facebook export preset in Premiere Pro. Instead, she has her own recommended export settings.


Did you know that there are three specific types of video resolutions that Instagram works with? Mind blown. This video tutorial is COMPREHENSIVE and for beginners, it covers how to setup HD sequence presets for the 3 types of Instagram resolutions/aspect ratios, the best bitrate export settings and how to get your exported Instagram video from your desktop to your iPhone (if you use a Mac). —Premiere Gal
  • At 2:06 Premiere Gal shows how to create sequences for 3 types of aspect ratios (1:1, 4:5 and 1.9:1) for Instagram and save them as Sequence Presets.
  • At 7:44 learn how to export video to Instagram using Premiere Gal's recommended export settings. At 8:14 Premiere Gal tweaks the Bitrate Settings to VBR, 2 pass and drops the Target Bitrate to 6 Mbps.
  • At 9:03 see how Premiere Gal gets her videos onto iPhone to upload to Instagram.


Learn what bitrate corrections you can make to your Twitter export preset bitrate to reduce compression particles in your videos. —Premiere Gal
  • At 2:05 Premiere Gal uses the Twitter 720p HD export preset with some of her own settings, such as match frame rate. At 2:40 she changes the Bitrate Settings to VBR, 2 pass with an increased Target Bitrate of 8 Mbps.
  • At 3:13 learn how to export video directly to Twitter using the Publish tab in Premiere Pro.