Premiere Bro Summer Break 2017

Premiere Bro is on Summer Break!

This means no original or curated Premiere Pro content this week. There will be no Week in Premiere 7/21/17. (Sorry Premiere Pro super fans!) Normal operations will resume Monday, July 24th.

Of course, Premiere Bro is not looking forward to missing out on all the exciting Premiere Pro content this week.

New things are coming to Premiere Bro!

Premiere Bro is approaching its 4 year anniversary in October. Since beginning as an inside joke, Premiere Bro has transformed into the largest, exclusively Premiere Pro site on the web. This summer break gives Premiere Bro the opportunity to brainstorm and plan new ways to expand.

In the meantime, if you are a Premiere Pro fan, please take the survey below. Your opinion would be super valuable to Premiere Bro! Your personal information will not being collected.

Thank you!

As always, Premiere Bro owes its existences to Premiere Pro users like you. Thank you so much for your support!

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