One Hundred Thousand - "Low"

Edited by: Mike Lowther

Editing RED Media in Premiere Pro CC

"Working with RED media in Premiere Pro CC is easier, in my experience, over all other editing platforms. We shot this on two RED Dragon Scarlets in both 2K and 3K. I brought everything natively into Premiere Pro and overcut the performance on top of the snow scenes that I assembled together first."

"I outsourced the VFX forcefield shots to a couple of kids I found on Reddit. They had the final pieces ready before I finished my rough cuts to share with the band."

"I cut the whole video in about two days, and spent a week or so tweaking. Once I locked picture and finished VFX, I sent an XML from Miami over to friend in New Jersey where he had a master backup of all the footage. He graded in Resolve and finished in 2K. He also used FilmConvert with Fuji Vivid 160 and Kodak 521 stocks."

Working with Masks in Premiere Pro CC

"One of the great things about Premiere is I can apply masks so easily without having to step into After Effects. There is a shot where the singer is in two places at once, on both sides of the screen, and I was easily able to mask one shot over the other to blend him into the frame seamlessly."

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