Lesspain Software: Introducing Kyno 1.5 and Kyno Premium

Kyno Premium addresses the needs of modern broadcast professionals and organizations.

Kyno 1.5 brings a host of new features & improvements including batch timestamp correction and improvements in Final Cut and Premiere integration.

The launch of Kyno 1.5 is a very special one. Apart from a feature-packed update of the established workflow painkiller Kyno, we're proudly launching Kyno Premium, a version geared towards larger teams & organisations in the broadcast, news & film industry. —Kyno

"For Premiere users the most important improvement will be the intelligent bin support in the Premiere integration. The Premiere users working in large production/broadcast companies will find the new delivery function in the Premium Edition interesting that lets them deliver their content (potentially subclipped) as a self-contained package via FTP or to network drives for a hand-off to other editors/producers."