KIA Commercial


Edited by: Jimmy Falinski
Directed by: Anders Schroder
Client: Kia, Uncle Grey

"Live action cars were combined with CG backgrounds/rooms to create this."

Removing Arri Camera LUTS

"This was shot on the Arri camera in 2K. I always start with removing the LUTS, which are automatically applied to the Arri clips, inside Premiere Pro. Right click the clips in the bin and use Remove Masterclip Effects. Or when there are a lot of clips, I create an XML of the project, delete all the clips, and then import the XML... Boom! All the clips come in without the LUT.

My feeling is that the LUTS slow down Premiere Pro when there are many clips. Instead, you can use an Adjustment Layer on the top video track in the timeline with a saved  LUT preset from one of the Arri clips. That way you don't have to edit with this flat grey hipster look."

Sean Schools

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