Justin Odisho: How to Sync Cut Footage to Music in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Learn how to edit your video to the rhythm of a music track in this Premiere Pro tutorial by Justin Odisho. First, at 1:15 Justin identifies beats in the audio waveform, and then cuts his video clips to sync using the razor tool. (You can also lock the music track and use keyboard shortcuts Q and W to Ripple Trim Edit to Playhead.) Alternatively, BeatEdit for Premiere Pro by Mamoworld will analyze your music track and add markers to beats. Then, with Snapping (S) enabled, you can easily edit your footage to the markers with 100% precision. At 2:27 Justin suggests using onscreen text and fades to stylize your syncopated edits.

In this video editing tutorial, I will be using Adobe Premiere pro CC 2017 to demonstrate how to Sync Jump Cut your footage with music to create a more cinematic feeling sequence or transition from clip to clip and set the pace of your project! —Justin Odisho

Source: https://youtu.be/-2eXk0oLFQs