Justin Odisho: Fast Forward Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Speed ramping is a great way to condense long clips and add visual interest to your footage. It works very well with moving shots, and it can used as a transition element as well. In this Premiere Pro tutorial, Justin Odisho shows how to keyframe the speed of a clip to create a fast forward effect. As Justin points out at 0:18, using high frame rate footage makes this technique all the more smooth and dramatic. Another tip: if you want to use the Warp Stabilizer effect, you have to apply it to the clip and nest it before adding speed keyframes.

In this Fast Forward Effect Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to speed up slow motion clips in short quick bursts in CC 2017. This Time remapping effect allows you to sync bursts of camera movement to music or sound effects for an interesting video edit. —Justin Odisho

Source: https://youtu.be/9fmeedhRRYI