Justin Odisho: 5 Music Video Editing Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this Video Editing Tutorial I will show you 5 easy to create effects for your next project! —Justin Odisho

1. "Inset Scale Effect"

Create a centered, picture-in-picture effect that animates in to the beat of your music. Simply duplicate your clip to the next video track and scale it down. Do this several times to create what looks like a tunnel of images. Trim your duplicated clips to the beat of your music track; your clips should look like a pyramid in your Timeline. Watch the Inset Scale Effect starting at 0:15.

2. "Grainy Black & White Effect"

Instantly add mood to your music video with a simple grainy black and white effect. It's simple! Dial down the saturation (or use on of the monochrome LUTS in Premiere Pro) and add the Noise effect. Watch the Grainy Black & White Effect starting at 1:36.

3. "Flip Effect"

Use the Horizontal Flip effect to create a strong sense of confusion and chaos in your music video. Justin will teach you how to apply a Strobe to make your flip effect even more frenetic. Watch the Flip Effect starting at 2:43.

4. "Lens Distort Fisheye Effect"

Whether your using Lens Distortion as an effect or a transition, it creates a unique shift in perspective in your music video. Justin animates the Curvature parameter to create his Fisheye look. Watch the Lens Distort Fisheye Effect starting at 4:10.

5. "Bling Flare Effect"

A really unique look; Justin shows how to use the Find Edges effect to create glowing flares along the lines in your footage. The first step is to duplicate the clip to the next video track and set the blend mode to Color Dodge. Then, he inverts the Find Edges effect and applies Gaussian Blur to control the amount of "glow". Watch the Bling Flare Effect starting at 5:00.

Which of these 5 music video effects do you like best? Was there one in particular that was new to you? Lets talk about it in the comments section below. Bonus points if you can name a specific music video with one of these effects.