Jordan Dueck: Workspaces Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro CC | Make Your Workspace Your Own

This is a short tutorial on workspaces in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. It goes over what workspaces are, how to create your own custom ones, and why doing so can help you edit better and faster. —Jordan Dueck

Your Premiere Pro workspace can make a positive or negative effect on your edit. In this workspace tutorial, Jordan Dueck makes an excellent point. He says, "If you're editing, and it's arduous and you're trying to find where things are, and it's not feeling right, it's going to impact how quickly you edit... and even how ideas are generated in your mind. You might end up with a better product just because you've laid out your [workspace] in a way that feels good to you."

An experienced editor once said that editors are only as good as the footage they remember. You could expand that to include how quickly they can find the footage. With custom workspaces, Premiere Pro users can improve their chances of remembering and finding their footage. 

Watch this part at 1:39 where Jordan talks about the benefits of custom workspaces in Premiere Pro. He leads in with talking about Premiere Pro's default workspaces.

Custom workspaces can help you edit faster and even generate new ideas for your edit.

Do you think custom workspaces can make an impact on your editing? When was the last time you tinkered with your default Premiere Pro workspace? Try it! See if it improves the quality of your editing, or at least your enjoyment of your editing.