Forbes: Godzilla Resurgence Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Godzilla Resurgence had roaring success at the Japan box office. According to this Forbes interview with the film's co-editor, Atsuki Sato, Godzilla Resurgence was cut in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Atsuki and his team decided on Premiere Pro CC based on previous experiences that taught them "the importance of carrying out filming, editing and VFX in  an entirely integrated manner." The integration with other Creative Cloud applications, particularly Dynamic Link with After Effects CC, continues to be a prevailing reason why filmmakers are choosing to edit with Premiere Pro CC. Check out the full Forbes interview with Atsuki Sato, which includes a picture of the Godzilla Resurgence edit inside Premiere Pro CC.

We decided to compose our editing studio based on Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC, which enables integration for multiple devices and provides a flexible editing situation where multiple people could work simultaneously.
— Atsuki Sato, Editor