Editors Retreat 2016 Saturday


Freelancing: Keys to Survival

At Editors Retreat, you will find editors from every corner of the industry. This panel discussion on surviving as a freelance editor was applicable to all attendees. Because, more than anything, it was a discussion around the burning question, "How do I find work?" It's a question EVERY editor will ask at least once; some will ask it every several times a week. Regardless of whether you freelance or not, the core principle of successfully finding work remains the same: networking. The people you know, your friends and family, are your greatest tools for finding employment. (Just don't treat them like tools!)

I was not able to find all the panel participants on Twitter. All of the quotes below come from the talented Monica Daniel, assistant editor on Minority Report and Supergirl. Her quotes represent the general consensus of the panel discussion.


Group Chat with Maryann Brandon

Unfortunately, Maryann Brandon, co-editor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and more!) was not able to join Editors Retreat in person. Instead, the incredible IT department of Editors Retreat (you know who you are!) was able to pipe in Maryann via Skype. 

It was eye-opening to hear from one of the filmmakers of possibly the most highly anticipated film to date. To hear Maryann talk about the Star Wars fan base and the pressure of not disappointing their expectations, was a very rare insight into the vulnerability feature film editors must undertake. Maryann confessed she was anxious about it, but her fear of failure was soon minimized when she began watching the dailies and seeing the performances of the actors and how relatable their characters were. In the end, she said would have been very surprised if people were not drawn into the film. She, herself said it's the type of movie she would want to go see. Isn't that the goal of every editor when cutting a project? No matter how small?


Sky Tram and Dinner

Saturday ended on a high note. Literally. The group went offsite for a sky tram ride and dinner. At the highest point, attendees were 900 feet off the ground! By this time, nearly all Editors Retreat attendees were on a first-name-basis. It was a good time of camaraderie, not centered around computer monitors.


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