Editors Retreat 2016 Friday

Editors Retreat 2016 Friday

Another day in post production paradise! Relationships continue to deepen, knowledge continues to be shared, and free stuff continues to be given. Here are the highlights from Friday at Editors Retreat.


10 Rules for Multicam with Scott Simmons

Multi-camera editing workflows aren't new. But they're becoming more commonplace as shooting high-quality digital video becomes more affordable. Scott Simmons didn't limit himself to just 10 rules in his multicam session. From start to finish, his entire presentation was an immersion into Scott's multi-camera editing workflow. (Some of his sync maps were insane—like a horizontal New York City skyline!) To be fair, his presentation was NLE agnostic. However, he gave several specific reasons for choosing Premiere Pro for multi-camera editing.


10 Rules for Motion Graphics with Ian Robinson

The worst part about the Editors Retreat is having to choose between presentations. Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of Ian Robinson's motion graphics session. Even though it was only enough time to snap a picture, it's still worth featuring him here as an excellent After Effects resource for Premiere Pro editors. 


Lunch with Al Mooney, Adobe Premiere Pro

Friday's lunch was accompanied with presentation by Premiere Pro Product Manager, Al Mooney. Talk about dinner and a show! I'm not biased or anything, but Apple and Avid wish they had product manager like Al. Many Editors Retreat attendees are already familiar with Premiere Pro's deep editorial capabilities. But a beautiful thing about Premiere Pro CC is it doesn't prevent editors from being successful with only a few clicks. Al shared with the group some of the latest features in Premiere Pro CC that yield professional results without taking an exorbitant amount of time. He also shared how Premiere Pro is being used and improved by professional feature film editors, namely Walter Murch and the Coen Brothers.


Compression with Jeff Greenberg

Somehow, Jeff Greenberg is able to teach compression with hardly any math! For example, he describes the difference between constant and variable bit rate encoding like a monthly budget of $5 a day. Constant bit rate spends exactly $5 each, while variable bit rate spends an average of $5 a day. For both, the budget (file size) is still the same. Many of Jeff's own colleagues will agree that his compression class is one of the best. Plus, when you attend a Jeff Greenberg class, you get the added benefits of learning about new video solutions and new technology. No extra cost.

Jeff is also the Master of Ceremonies of Editors Retreat.


Free Stuff

The material benefits for Editors Retreat attendees continue to pile up. All the Editors Retreat sponsors are so cool. Their generosity really offsets the cost of attending the event. 


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