Editor Log Notes: Paper or Digital

Know Your Footage!

Vashi Nedomansky is a feature film editor and post production consultant. If you are reading this, chances are you know that already. You also probably know Vashi's affinity for hand written notes. This week saw another Tweet from Vashi showing off more handwritten notes from his latest editing project, 6 BELOW, the first feature film to be natively edited in 6K in Premiere Pro CC.

But that's another story. This post is a collection of Tweets that remind editors of their most important function: knowing the footage. When I say knowing, I mean really knowing; not just what it is, but where it is too. More than anyone, perhaps even more than the director, the editor should be the most intimately acquainted with every shot. The ability to remember and locate footage quickly is an editor's greatest asset in the cutting room. There are many tools available in Premiere Pro that help editors get familiar with their footage. But for Vashi, it seems nothing can beat pen and paper.

Take a look at Vashi's Twitter conversation below. These Tweets are great insights into a professional editor's approach to note taking and knowing one's footage. Special thanks to Christian Glawe for initiating some great Tweets!

One of the most important elements of film editing #6belowthemovie #filmmaking #organization #premierepro

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It's obvious that Vashi works best with handwritten log notes. While it's hard to compete with the texture of a Moleskin notebook, some editors would prefer a digital alternative. For those interested in PDF and note taking extension for Premiere Pro CC, check out the following Premiere Product reviews:

Regardless of whether you take paper or digital notes, the important thing is that you know your footage. Do you agree? What's your preference for making log notes? Care to share your ingest and logging workflow, particularly in Premiere Pro? Please use the comments section below!

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