Digital Heaven: SpeedScriber with Premiere Pro CC

SpeedScriber adds high-accuracy automated transcription to Adobe Premiere Pro CC at a speed you won't believe. Currently in beta, sign up at for early access. —Digital Heaven

Official Press Release

The SpeedScriber panel for Premiere Pro displays a list of transcribed files on the user’s account. Once files have been linked with clips in Premiere Pro the transcript is added to the clip as as XMP metadata shown in the Speech Analysis section of the Metadata panel. This enables synced playback of the transcript with the clip as well as text search and setting of clip in and out points based on word timings.

While the SpeedScriber app is only available for macOS, the panel is compatible with macOS and Windows. This opens up the possibility of collaborative workflows where the first system imports files for transcription and makes any necessary corrections. The transcript data is automatically synced with the Premiere Pro panel on the second system so the editor can update the clip metadata at any time.

- Get transcripts faster than real-time, not hours or days.
- Uses industry-leading automatic speech recognition technology for high-accuracy transcripts (typically 90-99% accurate for good quality recordings of English speakers).
- Supports English language speakers with American, Australian or British accents and detection of different speakers plus capitalisation and punctuation.
- Automatic timestamps at regular intervals.
- Unique tools for quickly making speaker, word and punctuation corrections to transcripts.
- Print or export transcripts to PDF, .srt (for captioning), Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.