Derek Lieu: How to Make a Sound Reverb Out

Editor Derek Lieu, probably most known for his 26 Simple Tricks For Faster Editing (Premiere Pro CC), published a new blog post on how to "reverb out" in Premiere Pro CC. This refers to the technique of ending an audio clip with reverb as it fades out. The challenge is the reverb only lasts till the end of the audio clip, so you're SOL if you want to end on a specific beat in a song. Sure, you could accomplish this easy in a DAW, but Derek has come up with a workaround for doing this within Premiere Pro CC. Watch the video above, or visit Derek's How to Make Sound Reverb Out blog post to follow along.

Sometimes you need a sound effect or piece of music to reverb out. It could be a scream in a horror trailer, or something else that reverbs out over a cut to black. More commonly I use it when I want a piece of music I’m editing to end on a specific note to create a stop down moment in a trailer. Mostly it just gives me more options for editing music for trailers.
— Derek Lieu