Coming Soon to Premiere Pro CC — Adobe at IBC 2018

Coming Soon to Premiere Pro CC — Adobe at IBC 2018

Courtesy Adobe

Courtesy Adobe

A collection of all the official Adobe content on what’s new in Premiere Pro CC 2019. (Coming soon.)

Adobe unveiled the next major release of Premiere Pro CC at IBC 2018. There’s always a lot of content for these big announcements—it’s easy to miss something! So, we’ve compiled all the official Adobe content and material on the next version of Premiere Pro CC. Don’t forget to check our rundown of the Premiere Pro CC 2019 new features!


Storytelling with Smarter Tools

First off, we have “Storytelling with Smarter Tools”. This is Adobe’s high-level blog post on the major features and trends coming in the next major release of Creative Cloud. As you can probably imagine, Adobe’s tools are becoming smarter more integrated throughout their professional video and audio applications. The end-game is all about streamlining workflows so video creators can focus more on storytelling.

With smarter tools and flexible, connected workflows, Adobe gives you everything you need to turn your ideas into stories and bring them to the screen. —Adobe

This post also features Adobe’s newest addition to the family: Project Rush, an all-in-one cross-device editing app, specifically intended for online video creators. Rush shares the same core technology as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition, giving users the power to create professional video content on the go. The Rush beta program is by invitation only. You can apply here. Read our blog post to learn more about Project Rush.

Accompanying the blog post is a video that visualizes all the upcoming innovations in the next Creative Cloud release. The video features Adobe master trainer, Christine Steele of Steele Pictures, who is no stranger to the Adobe Stage at NAB Show and IBC.

This release - coming soon - introduces new tools that accelerate motion graphics workflows, audio cleanup, color grading, character animation, 180 VR, and overall performance across applications. —Adobe


Creative Editorial with Faster Workflows

Not the most specific title for a major Premiere Pro release announcement. But it’s accurate!

In this blog post, Sr. Product Manager, Patrick Palmer introduces the headlining new features coming soon to Premiere Pro CC. Including:

  • Selective color grading with brand new Hue Saturation curves in the Lumetri Color panel.

  • Intelligent audio cleanup effects like the upgraded DeNoise and all-new DeReverb effects, both integrated in the Essential Sound panel.

  • Data-drive infographics using spreadsheets in Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects.

  • End-to-end workflows for VR180. Edit, add effects, and publish VR180 content natively in Premiere Pro.

Click the button below to read the blog post and learn what else is coming in the next release of Premiere Pro CC.

All of the features listed have their own short preview video to give your eyeballs a taste of what’s coming. Adobe always combines their preview videos from all the apps into one bloated playlist. But we only want to see the Premiere Pro previews, amirite?! We’ve reduced the official IBC 2018 Adobe playlist to just the Premiere Pro videos in our own custom playlist. Click the play button below to watch and skip through the following videos:

  1. What’s New for Premiere Pro CC

  2. Selective Color Grading in Premiere Pro CC

  3. Intelligent Audio Cleanup in Premiere Pro CC

  4. Motion Graphics Workflows in Premiere Pro CC

  5. Infographics and Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro CC

This release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC - coming soon - offers faster performance, streamlined workflows for amazing motion graphics, powerful selective color grading tools, intelligent audio cleanup for noise and reverb removal, end-to-end 180 VR production, and more. —Adobe

Alongside the new selective color grading and intelligent audio cleanup tools, stability and performance is a major focus in the next release of Premiere Pro CC. This focus is a continuation of the last patch update v12.1.2.

Building on new hardware acceleration from the Premiere Pro 12.1.2 update, the next release will offer new performance improvements… —Adobe

It’s encouraging to see Adobe treating performance and stability as equals to the new color, audio, and motion graphics tools.


Livestream with Jason Levine (9am PDT, 9/13/18)

If you missed Jason Levine’s live demo of the new features coming in the next release of Creative Cloud, we highly recommend watching the replay!

In this livestream, Principal Evangelist Jason Levine showcases some of the latest innovations coming to the next update of the Creative Cloud Video & Audio apps. —Adobe

Adobe Booth Livestreams, IBC 2018

The following two videos are livestreams from the Adobe Stage at IBC 2018. These two sessions are the most relevant to Premiere Pro users, showcasing the new features coming soon to Premiere Pro CC 2019. Watch Jason Levine, Adobe Principle Worldwide Evangelist, in his usual charisma demo the new selective color grading tools and intelligent audio cleanup effects. Data-driven graphics and VR180 are also explained.

In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Jason Levine demonstrates the latest and greatest features coming to Adobe Creative Cloud, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Chaacter Animator CC. —Adobe

In the Adobe booth at IBC Show 2018, Jason Levine show of new features - including Selective Color Grading and Intelligent Audio Cleanup - coming soon to Premiere Pro CC. —Adobe

IBC 2018 White Sheets

For those who want to dive deeper into the Adobe’s IBC 2018 reveal, you can check out their What’s New document and IBC 2018 Data Sheet. It’s more of the same information, just compiled into PDF form. Definitely useful for printing and distribution.


REMINDER: Changes in OS Support for Mac and Windows

Now is a good time to remind Premiere Pro users that future versions of Premiere Pro CC, beginning with CC 2019, will require Windows 10 (version 1703, or higher) or macOS 10.12 (or higher) to run. So, if you want the new color curves and audio repair tools, you will need to make sure your OS is compatible. Don’t wait till release day, start planning now!

Read our blog post to learn more and to see which operating systems are being deprecated.

What’s your gut reaction to the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC? Do you have a favorite? Let us know below!

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