Scribble Animation in Premiere Pro

Create a scribble animation in Premiere Pro from the Bruno Mars music video That’s what I like. Learn how to draw and animate shapes without plugins. Creating such scribble animations or drawings can be done within the Titler of Premiere. With the pen tool, you easily create any shape you like. —

Scribble animations are rising in popularity, especially in music videos. Jordy Vandeput of shows how to create your own scribbles on top of your footage in Premiere Pro.

Spark Scribble

If you're new to this technique you may be surprised to learn that the scribbles are actually title files made in Premiere Pro's Title Designer. At 1:23 Jordy shows how to create the first scribble title using the Pen tool in the Title Designer. Then he adds the title to his timeline and adjusts the position and scale in the Effect Controls panel. 

Use the Pen tool in the Title Designer to draw your scribble.

With the scribble title in the timeline, it's time to create some animation. At 3:02 Jordy applies the Circle effect to the scribble title. It's critical to change the blend mode to Stencil Alpha so that the Circle effect reveals the scribble. Next, make sure the anchor point of the Circle effect is in the middle of the scribble so that it reveals from from the center. Keyframe the Radius so that the circle reveals the scribble.

Add the Circle effect to animate your scribble.

Bubble Scribble

Now that you know how to create a scribble animation that looks like a spark, continue watching as Jordy shows how to do a more complicated bubble scribble effect. Starting at 5:03, Jordy draws the bubble, adds the Roughen edges effect and keyframes it's position so that it appears to float up from the ground.

Create a bubble scribble that floats up and gets popped by the subject.