5 Essential Effects for Advanced Premiere Pro Users

5 more essential Premiere Pro effects that you must know for your advanced edits. Take your montage to the next creative level. —

Sharpen, Blur, Roughen, Wipe, and Magnify Your Videos with these 5 Advanced Effects in Premiere Pro.

In Part 2 of's "Must Know Effects," front man, Jordy Vandeput, shares 5 not-so-obvious effects in Premiere Pro, specifically aimed at advanced users.

1. Unsharp Mask

Learn how to use the Unsharp Mask effect in Premiere Pro to make your shots look crystal clear and extra crisp. Jordy explains the Unsharp Mask settings so you can sharpen just the foreground of your shot. It's not a bad idea to sharpen your footage, even when your shots are in focus. In fact, a little bit of sharpening can make your video look like it was shot at a higher resolution than it actually was.

2. Roughen Edges

Want to add some grunge to your text? Want your titles to look extra tough? Roughen Edges is exactly what you're looking for, and it's easy to use! See how the Roughen Edges effect can even be used as a transition to reveal your text.

3. Compound Blur

Make your subject's skin look soft and beautiful with the Compound Blur effect. Essentially, it's the inverse of Unsharp Mask, and you can use it to help hide blemishes or to create a stylistic glamor shot.

4. Magnify

This effect will catch your eye. Literally! See how Jordy uses the Magnify effect to give his subject bug eyes. Humorous and silly, the possible uses for this effect are endless...

5. Linear Wipe

The Linear Wipe effect is an essential transition in Premiere Pro. Use it to reveal your clips or titles in Premiere Pro.Once you know how it works, you'll find yourself using it all the time to create custom wipes.

The title may say these effects are for "advanced" users, but anyone can use them! (Especially because Jordy does such a good job explaining how they work.) Have you used these effects before? Have you even heard of them before this tutorial? Let's chat about them in the comments below!