CCW 2015 Day 2

CCW 2015 Day 2, Javits Center, NYC

CCW 2015 Day 2, Javits Center, NYC

CCW 2015 Day 2 From A Premiere Pro Perspective

A quick summary of Adobe Premiere Pro highlights at CCW 2015 Day 2—featuring color tips from Robbie Carman.

1. Think Like A Colorist, Work Like An Editor

Colorist and Master Trainer, Robbie Carman, kicked off CCW 2015 Day 2 with a 2+ hour deep dive into Premiere Pro driven color workflows. He began the session with some color theory; we're talking rods, cones, and eyeball diagrams. Here's a fun fact from Robbie: women have more cones than men. It's interesting there aren't more women colorists! 

This totally candid picture should totally be the poster image of this session.

Fun optical illusions prove the point that our eyes lie to us! Better known as adaption, it's why colorists should grade in passes and spend only 30 - 90 seconds on each shot.

Robbie shared some killer tips on time management for colorists. This one was a gem.

2. Save Masks In Effects Presets

This is a correction to the Tweet below. Masks can be saved in the existing version of Premiere Pro CC 2015 (9.0.1). It's easy to understand how this could be overlooked because this the one and only added feature in the version 9.0.1 list of performance and stability improvements. Regardless, it's a really cool feature and the good news is it can be used NOW!

Premiere Pro Blog feature announcement

Premiere Pro Blog feature announcement

3. More CCW 2015 Content Coming Soon To Premiere Bro

An in-depth summary of CCW 2015, as well as a dedicated post on demystifying the HDR workflow—all from a Premiere Pro perspective—is coming soon to the Premiere Bro blog. There may also be an exclusive CCW 2015 video recap!