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Adobe: A Peek Inside the Extraordinary Life of Fred Beckey

Unless you’re a climber, the name Fred Beckey may not ring a bell. But an award-winning crew of producers and editors set out to change that with the movie Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey... Director Dave O’Leske, had already spent a decade filming Fred... Jason Reid and his co-editor Darren Lund... dropped all of the footage, including scanned archival content, into Adobe Premiere Pro, and cut Dirtbag. —Adobe

Adobe: Collaborative Video Editing Gets Real

As a seasoned Hollywood storyteller, Darius Stevens Wilhere has pretty much seen and done it all... a decade ago the founder of Dare Cinema moved all of his work over to Adobe... "I told them they should be more concerned with the edit than the software.” This is precisely the message he conveyed to his latest convert and colleague, Rob Schneider—creator, writer, director, and protagonist of the real-life Netflix series Real Rob. —Adobe

Creative COW: Creating Dunkirk VR: Ingenuity, Accessibility & Adobe Tools

Academy Award-nominated director Christopher Nolan has referred to his film Dunkirk in IMAX as “virtual reality without the goggles,” so when it came time to build Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience, the team at Practical Magic knew that the stakes were higher than usual... I recently got to speak with both [Practical Magic’s Matt Lewis] and [Adobe’s Director of Immersive, Chris Bobotis] about building the VR experience, how Adobe’s extensible and democratized tools made Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience possible, and how VR is a perfect medium for emerging talent. —Kylee Peña, CreativeCOW