Adobe Video World 2015 Day 3

Adobe Video World Day 3

Adobe Video World Day 3

Highlights From Premiere Pro World 2015 Day 3

This post is a glorified feed of live Tweets from Day 3 of Adobe Video World 2015. It's a visual recap for all Premiere Pro users who could not attend the event. Watch the exclusive Premiere Bro Periscope with Premiere Pro Product Manager, Al Mooney,at the bottom of the post. For more information about Adobe Video World, read Premiere Bro Goes to Adobe Video.


Adobe Breakout Session: HDR
With Dolby

There's still a lot of mystery around HDR from an industry standpoint. But one thing is clear, Adobe is ahead of the curve. Premiere Pro is the only NLE providing its users the tools to ingest, grade, and output HDR content. This particular session was driven by two Dolby representatives, color scientists is more accurate, and it was obvious they were very comfortable and confident with the integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Breakout Session: JDI (Just Do It)
With Adobe Engineers

This isn't common knowledge to many Premiere Pro users, but Adobe Premiere Pro engineers have scheduled days where they take a feature request and "just do it". Obviously, feature requests that qualify as JDI's are ones that are simple, don't introduce more complexity into the Premiere Pro experience, and can be completed in 1 day. The beauty of these JDI days is it gives value to even the simplest feature requests. In fact, the Adobe Premiere Pro engineers said JDI's can be very satisfactory because they get to see a feature request implemented in 1 day.

How The Product Is Built
With The Adobe Premiere Pro Family

It was such a privilege to see the Adobe Premiere Pro development team in person, on stage, talking about how they receive, organize and prioritize customer feedback. There are 3 primary ways to communicate with these folks: 1) the Feature Request/Bug Report Form, 2) the Premiere Pro community forum, and 3) the Premiere Pro Facebook page. Like any business, Adobe has to focus on the feature requests that will benefit the most users. So volume is a huge factor in prioritizing feature requests. Being polite when submitting a bug report also goes a long way :)

Future Vision For Video Editing At Adobe
ith The Adobe Video Leadership Team

The Adobe Premiere Pro leadership team shared some very exciting new features, and I'm not talking features coming in the next release. I mean features that are way out—way ahead of the industry. The audience was placed under NDA for this presentation, so nothing more can be said besides Adobe is committed to anticipating industry trends and you should come to Adobe Video World next year!

Happy to see this Tweet get a lot of good reception. If you're a Premiere Pro user, consider clicking that heart too.

Periscope: l Mooney And The Vision For Premiere Pro

Al Mooney, Product Manager for Adobe Premiere Pro, explains how Premiere Pro is constantly improving with the help customer feedback. In this Periscope broadcast, Al gives out several ways to submit feature requests and bug reports. He defines what a "JDI" feature request is and how they're a regular part of Premiere Pro's feature cycle.

Expo Night & Reception

Another great night at Adobe Video World 2015. It was a good mingling with some of the hardware and software companies that support Premiere Pro. 

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