Adobe Video World 2015 Day 1

Brett Harrison, Adobe Video World Day 1

Brett Harrison, Adobe Video World Day 1

Highlights From Premiere Pro World 2015 Day 1

This post is a glorified feed of live Tweets from Day 1 of Adobe Video World 2015. It's a visual recap for all Premiere Pro users who could not attend the event. Watch the exclusive Premiere Bro Periscope with Filmmaker and Futurist, Maxim Jago, at the bottom of the post. For more information about Adobe Video World, read Premiere Bro Goes to Adobe Video.


Opening Keynote: Nano-Budget Filmmaking & Adobe Premiere Pro
With Josh Feldman

Filmmaker Josh Feldman, director of the cerebral science fiction feature film, Senn, opened Adobe Video World with an impressive real-world demonstration of producing a feature film on a nano-budget—$15,000. In a industry where technology is advancing exponentially, Senn is proof that Premiere Pro, along with the Creative Cloud suite of applications, can be used to achieve more with less. Now, I'm not saying we should share this with clients, but, then again, they're already asking for this, right? Obviously, a certain floor of technology (hint: Creative Cloud subscription) is required to produce any quality work; garbage in, garbage out. However, Josh inspired the audience to set "creative limitations" to force out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving. Instead of viewing smaller budgets as setbacks, think of them as opportunities for creative exploration, Josh encouraged. The solutions for these limitations will inevitable become the creative vehicle for your project. A really great presentation of Premiere Pro tips for nano-budget filmmaking, Adobe Video World could have ended right then and Josh would have given attendees enough to think about.

4K For The Everyman: Best Strategies For Working With 4K
With Abba Shapiro

With new UHD workflow features coming soon to Premiere ProFilmmaker and Adobe Master Trainer, Abba Shapiro pointed out some of the benefits and considerations when shooting 4K. The important thing to remember is time is money when shooting 4K. This is why Abba really pushed for working with SSDs, which support faster transfer speeds for all that extra video data. The benefits of faster data transfer apply to both ingesting 4K media in the field and editing 4K in Premiere Pro.

Case Study: Take Me Home Huey, A Documentary Film
With Christine Steele

Producer, director, and founder of Steele Pictures, Christine Steele, presented a feature film documentary she's currently working on as a case study for a Creative Cloud-based documentary workflow, with Premiere Pro as its hub. The film is Take Me Home Huey, and it focuses on the transformation of a downed Vietnam Huey helicopter into a beautiful art installation as a symbol and service to military veterans suffering with PTSD. 

Working With High Frame Rate Sources
With Maxim Jago

Filmmaker, Adobe Master Trainer, and Speaker, Maxim Jago, stepped through the proper techniques for working with high frame rate footage. Maxim's presentation came with great anticipation for the new Optical Flow time remapping feature coming soon to Premiere Pro. This method of time interpolation will make video shot with standard frame rates look much more acceptable in slow motion. FYI, if you click on the Optical Flow hyperlink above, that is Maxim narrating the video!

Staying Organized From Start To Finish
With Jeff Greenberg

Adobe Master Trainer, Jeff Greenberg, summarized the goal of project organization as being able to open your Premiere Pro project 1 year later and know what you're looking at. Jeff showed how using Search bins can help Premiere Pro editors organize their footage by automatically populating clips in bins based on specific metadata. If you aren't yet using Search bins in your editing workflow, start by using a Search bin based on the "Good" metadata category. Remember, "Good" is a boolean, meaning a true or false value. Select "Good" from the Search bin drop down and enter "true" in the search query. Also, Search bins will not move clips in your project; clips in Search bins are essentially aliases of the original imported media. Jeff's tips make me cry.

Troubleshooting Premiere Pro: What To Do When Things Go Wrong
With Abba Shapiro

This was a very dynamic session with several Adobe Premiere Pro engineers in audience. It was very cool to hear the makers of Premiere Pro discussing their product and troubleshooting user issues. Walking away from this session, having talked with several of the Adobe engineers, I can say with confidence, Premiere Pro is in good hands.

Speeding Up Premiere Pro With Metadata, Shortcuts, And Templates
With Anthony Bari Jr.

Video editor and Adobe video consultant, Anthony Bari Jr., was a big advocate for "single panel editing." He demonstrated how a bin of clips can be dropped in the Source Monitor, where he tabbed through the clips (Shift+2), setting in and out points, and edited them into the timeline. This is an excellent workflow for quickly creating a stringout of selects, say for broll. 

Periscope: Maxim Jago And The Future Of Video Editing

Filmmaker and futurist, Maxim Jago, predicts the future of video editing in this Periscope broadcast from Adobe Video World Day 1. He explains how Adobe's professional video applications are ahead of the curve when it comes to approaching video trends such as High Dynamic Range.

Premiere Bro Perspective

It's hard to not begin a closing summary statement with cliches like "at the end of the day". But here it is, the end of day 1 of Adobe Video World and "what a day it's been." Today was all about discovering Adobe, and specifically Adobe's Premiere Pro. No, the apostrophe is not an accident. It's a possessive. Premiere Pro first belongs to the Adobe engineers and they are proud to share it with the creative world. It can not be understated, the engineers of Premiere Pro are passionate about the quality of their product and are constantly tailoring it to the needs of the Premiere Pro user community. Trust me, THEY ARE VERY AWARE OF THE NEEDS OF THE PREMIERE PRO USER COMMUNITY. We, as Premiere Pro users, have a very strong influence on the future of Adobe's Premiere Pro. 

Watch the worst part of Adobe Video World.

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