Adobe: How to Use Color Correction Tools in Premiere Pro (for Beginners)

Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud, hosts this Adobe live stream on color correction in Premiere Pro. Instead of describing it, I'll just break it up for you so you can watch by segment.

  • At 4:20 Jason explains the badge icons that appear next to effects in the Effects window: Accelerated Effects and 32-Bit Color
  • At 8:13 Jason talks about the Obsolete color effects in Premiere Pro 
  • At 10:37 Jason introduces the hero of the tutorial: the Lumetri Color panel
  • At 13:40 Jason briefly covers proxies, performance and uninterrupted playback in Premiere Pro
  • At 18:31 Jason explains the difference between master clip and individual clip effects
  • At 28:56 Jason demonstrates color presets or Looks in the Creative tab
  • At 31:09 Jason quickly covers Lumetri Scopes before getting into Basic corrections
  • At 36:20 Jason goes over the Creative tab parameters including Faded Film, Sharpen, etc.
  • At 41:35 Jason talks about the Curves tab; he goes on for a while before coming back to the Hue/Saturation curve
  • At 47:42 Jason shows how to copy/paste attributes (effects) from one clip to another
  • At 49:51 Jason shows how to use the HSL Secondary tab