Adobe: How to use AdobeStock Video in Premiere Pro (Search, Download & License)

In this YouTube live replay, Jason Levine, Principle Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud: Video/Audio, shows how search, download and license Adobe Stock all within Premiere Pro.

Jason opens his live stream with all the typical introductions followed by a couple examples of videos edited using Adobe Stock footage. He really begins at 6:26 with the Library panel, the doorway to Adobe Stock inside Premiere Pro. Here you can search the Adobe Stock library and preview clips in your default browser. The ability to playback Adobe Stock clips directly in the Library is *hopefully* coming soon.

You don't have to license Adobe Stock footage in order to download and play with it in Premiere Pro. Jason shows how to audition footage from the Adobe Stock site in Premiere Pro at 9:19. The first step is saving the preview to your Creative Cloud library. This adds the clip to your Library panel in Premiere Pro. From there you can add the clip to your project which will download a high-resolution, watermarked version of the clip. 

The heart of the Adobe Stock workflow in Premiere Pro, and what makes it unique, is it keeps all your intrinsic and stylistic clip effects completely intact. You never have to resize or re-keyframe anything! At 27:09 Jason demonstrates how to license Adobe Stock footage directly from the timeline in Premiere Pro. The licensed version of the clip will replace the preview in the background, and all your adjustments will be preserved. Amazing! Adobe Stock is just the best.