Adobe: David Lowery Returns to The Sundance Film Festival with A Ghost Story

A GHOST STORY - the latest film from David Lowery starring Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck and - premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Learn how David juggles the roles of writer, director, and editor for this independent film... and how that experience compared to directing Disney's PETE'S DRAGON. —Adobe

In this Adobe blog post, filmmaker David Lowery discusses A Ghost Story, which premiered at Sundance 2017. This is David's first film edited entirely in Premiere Pro (see 1:57), and He commends Adobe for giving independents and low-budget filmmakers creative tools that used to be unaccessible. In his video interview (at 1:07) David offers some really great insight into how being an editor and having an editorial mindset helps give him a "head start" in his scripting and directorial decisions. And at 1:30 explains how he and his team used the entire Creative Cloud suite on A Ghost Story, from rough cuts in Premiere Pro to final compositing in After Effects.

I was a Final Cut Pro 7 user, but after Final Cut 10 came out I downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro to try it out. It was really easy to pick up on everything. My first use of it in a practical way was on the set of Pete’s Dragon. It was a snap, just as I had expected. —David Lowery, Adobe Creative Cloud Blog