The Best Premiere Products from September 2018 (FREE STUFF!)

The Best Premiere Products from September 2018 (FREE STUFF!)


September 2018: Top Free and Paid Presets, Plugins, and Products for Premiere Pro.

If you regularly visit our News page, updated every weekday, you would have realized September was a HUGE month for what we call “Premiere Products” — products for Premiere Pro. (See how we cleverly combine the “pro” in Premiere Pro with products?) Maybe it was because IBC 2018 was in September, maybe it’s because of back to school, or maybe it was just a good month for generosity. Whatever the reason, here’s the list of Premiere Products, free and paid, that you definitely should know.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with anyone on this list. All products on this list have been either completely or partially vetted.

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Free Premiere Products

Premiere Handy Tools

Premiere Handy Tools is a free Premiere Pro extension that reduces multi-step workflow tasks to a click of a button. It's a simple 3-button panel that can easily be docked in your current workspace. Read our blog post on Premiere Handy Tools to learn more about its features, along with an interview with the developer, Julien Chichignoud. We highly recommend reading the post, especially if you have any interest in coding your own Premiere Pro panels.


10 Free Track Matte Transitions

These 10 free track matte transitions come from Olufemii Tutorials. We featured these transitions in a post on how to use track mattes in Premiere Pro. In it we explain what mattes are, what the “track” in track matte means, and how to use track mattes as transitions with the Track Matte Key effect in Premiere Pro. We also review the transitions themselves and show you what exactly you’re getting in the pack. Download the transitions below and come back to our post if you get stuck.


5 Free Transitions

This free preset pack contains 5 transitions: Stretch (shown below), Bloom, Luma, Pixilation and Drawing. Learn how to install them and use them in the video tutorial above. The pack is actually part 7 in a series of free packs by Orange83. These particular presets are compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2017, 2018 and newer.


4 Free “Glow Distort” Presets

Next, we have 4 free “glow distort” effect presets for Premiere Pro by Chestnut Edits. These gnarly looking effects work great in music videos, as you can see demoed in the tutorial.


Free Flash Transition and Twitch Transition Packs

September was a busy month for AK Visuals, who released two free transition preset packs for Premiere Pro. (And this is on the heels of another 25 free effect presets he released at the end of August.) Both packs have full paid versions, but we’re linking to the free ones below.

Paid Premiere Products

The following are paid products from individuals and companies ranging from hardware to plugins. To best explain the features of these products, we’ve provided excerpts from their press releases. Again, we are not affiliated with any of these products. We just hope you find the information helpful!

Loupedeck+ Editing Console for Premiere Pro


Loupedeck, the custom photo editing console built with an intuitive design that makes editing faster and more creative, has announced its first foray into video editing, beginning with its integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC… The Loupedeck+ will make the video editing process faster, more intuitive and more affordable than the industry norm, offering a native integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, with all Premiere Pro functions available on the device.



Cinema Grade for Premiere Pro (Mac Only)

Direct image based color grading right within your viewer. Cinema Grade is a brand new color correction application built from the ground up to grade your images in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve & Final Cut Pro X on Mac!

Cinema Grade


Streamer Audio Plugin by Score Addiction


Streamer is an audio plugin for Adobe Premiere that allows you to audition and customize music without leaving your project. Our stock music is streamed to your timeline, in sync with your pictures which makes finding music much more efficient. All our music is customizable which means you can adjust the tempo and instrumentation to perfectly suit your film. Free music for a limited time!

Score Addiction


Infra-Red LUT

Infra-Red is an Ultra LUT, it turns the the green in your footage into vibrant red preserving the skin texture and general colors.

Mathieu Stern


Pro “Stackable” Audio Presets by White Rabbit Productions

The Pro Audio Presets Pack contains Audio Bricks, Audio Primers and Audio Colors giving video makers instant access to intuitive drag and drop audio correction tools, scene specific audio presets and rich environment effects.

White Rabbit Productions


SNS ShareBrowser Update for Premiere Pro

Using ShareBrowser for Adobe Premiere Pro CC will transform the way editors interact with the media on their storage server. Now, editors can find media and bring it into the timeline faster than ever before using powerful search tools and custom metadata tags. Artists and editors can also collaborate more effectively with their team by bringing ShareBrowser comments directly into their Premiere Pro workspace without switching applications, so they can stay focused on creating.

Studio Network Solutions (SNS)


A.I. Plugin for Premiere Pro by GrayMeta

GrayMeta’s new plugin enables users to take advantage of deep insights created by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The metadata from those insights makes it possible to build content faster in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe’s professional video editing and production software, part of Adobe Creative Cloud®…The plugin introduces a new level of efficiency to media workflows. It allows content creators and editors to quickly find specific content within their digital assets, and drag and drop editable, trimmed clips into the Adobe Premiere Pro CC sequence. This can make the content building process quicker.


Did we miss any Premiere Products from September that deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to update this post with any new, amazing products for Premiere Pro!

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