Premiere Pro CC is Alive With the Sound of Audio Network

Premiere Pro CC is Alive With the Sound of Audio Network

A Review of the Audio Network Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

Audio Network is an independent music company with more than 120,000 exclusive music tracks for TV, film, and video production. Thanks to the Audio Network panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, video editors are free to browse and license music more efficiently then ever.

Audio Network launched in 2001 with the goal of "liberating music" for video production by creating high-quality music that was easy for video content makers to license. Now, Audio Network has grown to over 750 composers, and their music can be heard all around the world. Audio Network's original catalogue of music — which they've begun releasing on iTunes and Spotify — is pre-cleared for multiple platforms, worldwide, and forever. This year at IBC 2016, Audio Network officially launched their panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Listen and learn how this integrated music library inside Premiere Pro CC will make searching and purchasing music faster and more productive.

Integration = Efficiency and Productivity

Earlier this year, Adobe published the results of a Pfeiffer Report showing that the use of Adobe Stock resulted in a 10x efficiency gain over other stock sites. The study attributed the efficiency gain of using Adobe Stock to its tight integration with Creative Cloud applications. The ability to browse stock images within the Creative Cloud application, and have all instances of the image replaced by the licensed version — with all the non-destructive adjustments intact — yielded far greater productivity compared to "traditional" stock workflows.

The same principle can be applied to music and the Audio Network panel.

It's logical to assume the results will be positive for any process or workflow that is integrated within an NLE. The fact is, editors will be able to audition music in their projects faster if they're using an integrated music library instead of a web browser. The Audio Network panel allows unlimited MP3 downloads from their vast catalogue of beautiful music, all inside Premiere Pro CC.

See how easy it is to use the Audio Network panel in this Premiere Gal tutorial:

Download and Install the Audio Network Panel

Audio Network has set up a special subdomain for their Premiere Pro CC panel where you can quickly download the installer, find FAQ, and read the Get Started guide.

Install the Audio Network Premiere Pro CC Panel in 4 Steps

  1. Download the Audio Network installer for your operating system.
  2. Unzip and run the installer. Restart Premiere Pro if necessary.
  3. Open the Audio Network panel under Window > Extensions > Audio Network Music, and dock it in your workspace.
  4. Sign in or register for an Audio Network account, and start downloading music.

Find the Right Track

Begin browsing the Audio Network library by entering the name of a genre. Audio Network makes is easy to find the right track for your video project with suggested tags below the search bar. 


Clicking a track will expand it to show more information such as song key, meter, tempo, as well as alternative mixes (instrumental, cutdowns, without drums, etc).


Search With Audio Network Panel Shortcuts

Editors love shortcuts. So Audio Network made sure to include a few in their panel! So, in addition to more efficient and productive music workflows in Premiere Pro CC, keyboard shortcuts drive the Audio Network panel even faster. Below are examples of Audio Network panel shortcuts that will speed up your track search.

Use Up and Down arrows to browse tracks.


Right and Left arrow will scrub forward and backward 5 seconds.


Spacebar will play and pause a track.


Stay Organized with 'Favourites' and Projects

Ever find a song you really like but it's not right for your current project? Well, Audio Network has made it easy to save and organize tracks in the Audio Network panel. You can "Favourite" songs by clicking on the heart icon beside each track. 

Favorites can further be organized into Projects. When you "Favourite" a track, a pop-up window will ask if you want to add it to a project. Create a new Project or click the heart icon beside the Project you want to add the song to.

Both "Favourites" and Projects be found under the panel's main navigation, which can be accessed by clicking on the account name in the top right of the panel. Also, Projects and favorited tracks on the Audio Network website will sync to the Audio Network panel. 

License the Track

After finding the right track, users have the option to Download a preview-quality MP3 or to Buy the high-quality WAV. The most important thing users need to know is they can download unlimited scratch tracks to audition in their projects. With no distracting audio watermarks! (Seriously, aren't you tired of explaining audio watermarks to clients?)

Clicking Buy will bring up a typical e-commerce checkout. Select your desired license, and enter your payment information. All your purchases will be stored in Purchases under the main panel menu. Additionally, purchases can be organized by project, so it will be easier to retrieve them if necessary.

Select License Type

Track price depends on the intended usage of the track. Users can choose a license at checkout, or Audio Network conveniently allows users to globally set a license type so that all tracks display the actual cost of your intended track use. 

Audio Network music is priced just right with a $30 Creator + option that allows you earn revenue for an "online entertainment" video.

Auto-Replace Feature

Most editors are familiar with the hassle of downloading purchased music: save the new track to the project folder, relink the music, and hope there aren't any discrepancies in high-quality version that will throw of the edit. The Audio Network panel eliminates all of that. Users needn't worry about relinking to purchased tracks because Audio Network will automatically replace the preview-quality MP3 with the high-quality WAV file. This ensures all the edits to a music track remain intact. Be aware, the auto-replace feature only works if the download location for the preview and the high-quality version is the same. 

Select a Download Location

By default, Audio Network conveniently sets the download location next to your Premiere Pro project file in a folder called "Audio Network Music.". You can select a custom download location in the main menu, under Settings. One thing to note, at this time tracks cannot be downloaded to networked drives; select a mapped drive instead. It is recommended to only change the download location at the beginning of a project.

Help Make the Audio Network Panel Even More Efficient

The launch of the Audio Network panel is just the beginning. Audio Network will be expanding the panel's functionality, and you can have a say in what new features are prioritized. Let Audio Network know what you would like to see added to the panel in the Audio Network Panel Feature Poll.

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