Premiere Pro CC 2017 User Review

Premiere Pro CC 2017 User Review

The New Features in Premiere Pro CC 2017 and What Users Are Saying About Them

By the time you read this, chances are that Adobe has already announced the next new features coming to Premiere Pro CC. That's the wonderful annoyance we have as Premiere Pro CC users: when someone says "new features in Premiere Pro CC", it's difficult to know exactly which new features they're talking about. 

That said, here's a list of the new features in Premiere Pro CC 2017 accompanied by some user reactions and insights.

New User Interface

Multiple user interface enhancements

Premiere Pro CC 2017 cuts corners when it comes to buttons and progress bars, which now sport rounded edges. Icons in the Project panel have been updated to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which preserve quality as the panel resizes. They also stay sharp on high resolution displays such as Retina Display screens. Other updates include: sliders with circular handles and the blue accent color pops with added saturation.

Adobe isn't touting the new look of Premiere Pro CC 2017 as major selling point. In fact, it was easy to overlook the new look in a lot of the CC 2017 announcement material. The new UI has a lot of subtle changes that add up to a bold interface. And a lot of Premiere Pro users like it.

The new sliders and tracks got some special love...

Visual Keyboard Shortcut Map

Take the guesswork out of keyboard-driven editing and work faster with new visual keyboard shortcut mapping.

Video editing is a visual art. It makes sense to have visual tools. The new keyboard shortcut GUI auto-detects the connected keyboard and displays assigned and available keys. The purple color indicates keys assigned to application commands, and the green color indicates panel-specific commands.

Recommended Premiere Pro CC 2017 user tutorials:

There have been a couple issues with the new keyboard shortcut map in Premiere Pro CC 2017:

Fortunately, there is a workaround.

New VR Support

Premiere Pro now auto-detects whether your VR media is monoscopic, stereoscopic over/under, or stereoscopic right/left, so you can focus on your work and let Premiere Pro determine the proper VR settings behind the scenes.

Much like when creating a sequence by dragging footage onto the New Item icon or onto an empty Timeline panel, Premiere Pro CC 2017 is able to identify VR/360° media, and setup the sequence settings accordingly. Editing VR/360° has never been easier, thanks to the pioneer features in Premiere Pro CC 2017. Additionally, VR controls can be hidden in Premiere Pro CC 2017 for more immersive playback and editing experience.

Enhanced Open Captions

Easily create, fine-tune, and version captions, including tasks like text manipulation and altering duration and location right in the timeline. 

Captions have surged in popularity thanks to Open Captions support in Premiere Pro CC. The CC 2017 release allows further customization of Open Captions such as font color, background and the new Edge Color feature. Even better is the ability to adjust the duration and timing of Open Captions directly in the Timeline. Simply click and drag the handles on the caption to adjust duration, and click and drag the middle of the caption to adjust the location.


Expanded Destination Publishing

With the addition of Publish to Behance, you can publish your videos directly to your Behance portfolio, the world’s largest creative community. 

Many editors feel uncomfortable exporting directly to the web without any QA or review. And we're going see an even stronger push towards destination publishing in Premiere Pro CC with the unveiling of the Social Publishing Panel (beta) at Adobe MAX 2016.

Global FX Mute Button

A new Global FX Mute button in the Program Monitor to temporarily disable all non-intrinsic effects in a sequence

The Global FX Mute button toggles all effects that you've applied to clips in your sequence. This excludes adjustments to the Motion parameters, Opacity, Speed, and other "intrinsic" effects. Think of this button like a color correction or audio bypass, but for effects. The Global FX Mute button is especially powerful because it can even turn off master clip effects. Be aware, the Global FX Mute button has no effect on the export. Your video will be exported with all effects applied even if the Global FX Mute is toggled off. The Global FX Mute applies to what's seen in the Program Monitor. So make sure the Program Monitor is active. 


The Global FX Mute can be added to the Program monitor by clicking the plus icon and dragging the button into the tool bar. You can also assign a custom keyboard shortcut for Global FX Mute as it's not mapped to anything by default.


Native DNxHD/DNxHR QuickTime Support

DNxHD export into a QuickTime .mov wrapper on Windows without Apple QuickTime being installed

This feature is aimed at Windows users who are working with Avid codecs: DNxHD and DNxHR. In the past, QuickTime needed to be installed on the PC to wrap these codecs in a .mov container. Now, Adobe natively supports exporting Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHR media directly to a QuickTime format.

New and Improved Audio Effects

Several new audio effects: Adaptive Noise Reduction, Dynamics Processing, Parametric Equalizer, Automatic Click Remover, and Studio Reverb

The Adobe Premiere Pro team has ported over some of the audio effects from Audition CC, making it easier for editors to stay inside Premiere Pro CC for high-quality audio work.

You will also notice the folder of audio effects that have been deprecated. If you use these old effects, Premiere Pro CC will display a dialogue window asking if you want to use the new versions.

Some audio effects have been upgraded to be hi-DPI aware:

New hi-DPI aware effects supported as part of this release include: Analog Delay, Chorus/Flanger, DeHummer, Guitar Suite, Phaser, Single Band Compressor, Tube Modeled Compressor, Vocal Enhancer, Multi-Band Compressor

Create Sequence Presets from Existing Sequence

Ability to create sequence presets from an already created sequence

A convenient little feature: you can now create sequences presets from existing sequences.

New Title Style Presets

New Title Styles presets

This is a welcome update to the Title Designer in Premiere Pro CC. By default, you will not see the new preset library in Premiere Pro CC 2017. As the GIF below shows, you first need to select Reset Style Library under the Title Style menu to force Premiere Pro CC to load the new styles.


GPU Accelerated Effects

GPU accelerated Offset and Lens Distortion effects

GoPro users will appreciate the new GPU accelerated Lens Distortion effects. Instead of getting the red bar over your corrected GoPro footage, this will be offloaded to the GPU for better real-time playback. Similarly, correcting or creating video glitch using the Offset effect will also be offloaded to the GPU.


More Premiere Pro CC 2017 Updates...

New Project Locking preference to allow the displaying in the Media Browser of the username of the user who has the project open (locked) , and preventing a project from being opened by more than one user at a time
New ‘Multi-Camera Selection Top Down’ item in Timeline wing menu to enable top-most targeted track’s multi-cam to show when in multi-cam mode (default behavior is lowest)
Multi-cam settings are respected in FCP XML import
Option to export MXF file with 12 audio channels

Alpha-only export from an After Effects composition in Adobe Media Encoder

Improvements to XAVC 60p playback performance
Support for RED Helium
Improvements to Apple Metal, including support for Lumetri

Plugins/Extensions/Add-ons Compatibility

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