Premiere Bro 2017 Summer Survey and New Features

Premiere Bro 2017 Summer Survey and New Features


Introducing Survey Results, Disqus Comments, Premiere Brocast, and more!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the Premiere Bro Summer 2017 survey. The number of responses was overwhelming, and your comments were really helpful and encouraging. Your feedback has the biggest influence on the future of this site, and your suggestions make it more valuable to all Premiere Pro users.

Original vs Curated Premiere Pro Content

The survey asked users what they primarily visit Premiere Bro for: original or curated Premiere Pro content. 

The answer is definitely both. We're very happy with this result because it affirms our decision to feature curated content, like Motionographer but for Premiere Pro. Of course, it's a relief that original content scored higher than curated content. Original content will always be the primary force driving Premiere Bro.

Quick Comment on Curated Content (say that 3 times)

Content curation can be a sensitive issue. It's easily abused for profit or clicks. Premiere Bro is very aware of this. One thing to keep in mind is Premiere Bro is not selling anything. There's no ulterior motive for curating content on this site other than to help the Premiere Pro user community

Premiere Bro features curated content for two reasons: to inform Premiere Pro users, specifically those who visit Premiere Bro, and to support the content creators. Premiere Bro is very proud to be a significant contributor to the success to many popular Premiere Pro tutorial creators.

Favorite Premiere Bro Category

As you may know, Premiere Bro currently has three categories for Premiere Pro content that is not tutorials: Premiere Projects, Premiere Profiles, and Premiere Products. The survey asked which category Premiere Pro users would like to see more of.

Your response was a surprise! We assumed it would be more Profiles or Products. But you want to learn more about Projects edited in Premiere Pro. Cool! Premiere Bro is actively exploring how to turn this into a series, and is reaching out to Premiere Pro editors to interview them about their projects. 

One quick note, many of your comments requested more 3rd party reviews and demos, which means more Premiere Product posts. We have this in mind as well!

What Should Premiere Bro Do Next?

Premiere Bro wants to deliver helpful Premiere Pro content in the most helpful medium. The survey asked what new feature Premiere Bro should undertake next: daily blog posts, YouTube tutorials, or a podcast. Apparently, a lot of people are really into video. We saw this answer coming.

Here's the thing: I (Sean) hate making video tutorials.

It's not that I'm shy. It's more because I'm a perfectionist a.k.a. a video editor. Videos and video tutorials take me an unforgivably long time to make, and I know it's my own fault. This isn't unique to me; I know every content creator deals with the same problem: perfectionism kills creativity.

I'm a huge advocate for diving into something and perfecting the process as you go along. It's time I take my own advice. It's time to give the people what they want: video.

Premiere Bro New Features


Lately Premiere Bro has been getting a lot of comments. We LOVE these! Comments are the number one way Premiere Bro engages with readers.

In order to better facilitate discussion, Premiere Bro is switching to Disqus. Unfortunately, this means that all existing Squarespace comments will be replaced by the Disqus system. Technically, old comments still exist, they're just no longer visible on the site. Special thanks to everyone who commented using Squarespace, you comments will live on in our hearts.

Talk to you in the new comments section!


Premiere Bro is final jumping on the Patreon wagon. Before you assume anything, know that the money raised through Patreon will be poured right back into Premiere Bro. Want proof? 

Premiere Bro has 3 very simple financial goals:

  1. Domain registration - $10
  2. Disqus Pro - $10
  3. Squarespace Business - $30

That's only $50 a month!

These 3 goals will allow Premiere Bro continue it's organic growth. We say "organic" because Premiere Bro is growing on it's own, at it's own rate. We're not trying to force anything on anyone. We want to be very realistic and transparent with our Patrons.

So, for the first time ever, will you...

Premiere Brocast

We really want to live up to your desire for more video content. So we're introducing the pilot for Premiere Brocast, a quick and dirty news blast on what's happening in the Premiere Pro user community i.e. new tutorials, updates, products, etc. Tagline to be announced!

The audio-only version is available via Anchor for you podcast and radio junkies.

Would you watch/listen to the Premiere Brocast?


There were a number of requests for more daily content, and some them suggested augmenting curated posts (Premiere in Post) with an "author's note" or an opinionated summary.

We're actually asking for additional feedback on this feature. Would a "bropinion" Let us know below. (None of your personal information is being collected.)

Should curated content have a "Bropinion" section?

We would love to hear from you in our brand new Disqus comments below. Do you have any thoughts on the survey results or new features? How can Premiere Bro be better? Please let us know!

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