Premiere Bro 2016

Premiere Bro 2016

Premiere Bro is the Premiere Pro User Blog and Fansite. What does that mean? It means that Premiere Bro is the Dude Perfect of Premiere Pro; it's the Rotten Tomatoes of Premiere Pro (always Certified Fresh); it's the Talking Dead of Premiere Pro. Premiere Bro is the #1 hangout spot for Premiere Pro fans. You should follow Premiere Bro, cause it's all about you, Premiere Pro user, and enriching your Premiere Pro editing experience! Read on to see what's new and what's coming to Premiere Bro in 2016.


What's New in 2016

Premiere Bro Squarespace

New Squarespace Site

Premiere Bro is proud of its successful migration to Squarespace. The blogging limitations of the previous web host became too... well, limiting. Squarespace gives Premiere Bro the tools to post content more efficiently, engage comments more easily, and grow the site more dynamically with a plethora of new web features. The general layout is identical, just cleaner and more responsive.


New About Pages

The new Premiere Bro About page has 3 new subsections: Bio, Contact, and Glossary. 

Click to go to About page.

Click to go to About page.

The Premiere Bro Bio is just the obligatory credentials and blah, blah, blah. The Premiere Bro Contact page provides all the necessary links to connect with Premiere Bro. But the real gem is the new Premiere Bro Glossary. No doubt all the Premiere Pro-isms throughout the site can get a little confusing. But it's what makes both the Premiere Bro brand and website unique. However, this glossary is here to help understand how and when content is posted.


Premiere Protorials

Premiere Bro will continue to serve up the best Premiere Pro tutorials on a weekly basis in Week in Premiere, the Premiere Pro week in review. However, the best of these tutorials, subjectively speaking, will be archived as blog posts and collected on the Premiere Protorials page. This replaces the previous Tutorials tab with an appropriate Premiere Pro-ism. More accurate than YouTube, more affordable than Lynda, the Premiere Protorials page is the go-to place to search for free Premiere Pro tutorials.


Premiere Products

Premiere Products is an all-new page for displaying Premiere Pro 3rd-party product reviews collected from the Premiere Bro Blog. Product reviews is a topic that will see a lot more attention from Premiere Bro in 2016. More Premiere Pro addon, extension, and plugin reviews to come!


Premiere Promos Featured on Premiere in Post Blog

Premiere Promos are videos edited in Premiere Pro. Prior to moving to Squarespace, they were featured on a webpage, four at a time, until they were  replaced by newer examples. Premiere Promos are now rolled into Premiere in Post, the Premiere Pro community news feed, where they remain accessible. Visitors can now scroll or search for past Premiere Promos.



"New" Home Page

The Premiere Bro home page has reverted back to the Premiere Bro Blog. The previous Home page was meant to serve as a cover page to help with site navigation. But it became just another click between visitors and their destinations. So, bye-bye.


New Simple Liking


Simple Liking is a blogging feature of Squarespace that allows readers to anonymously show appreciation for a post in one click. Basically, it's a Facebook like without the Facebook. Premiere Bro will begin using this feature as a measurement for post engagement and success. This will help improve Premiere Bro by tailoring content to other posts with a high number of Simple Likes. Of course, reader comments are always the best sign of engagement, but let's be real; asking for comments has become cliche and it requires a lot more effort on the part of readers. Simple Liking is easier. Try it out on this post!


What's Coming in 2016

Guest Authors

2016 will bring opportunities to feature guest authors on the Premiere Bro Blog. Guest authors will include certified Adobe trainers and professional Premiere Pro editors. These subject matter experts will bring more credibility and authority to the Premiere Pro User Blog and Fansite.

Premiere Bro guest authors

Improved Social Media Management

Managing social media streams is like spreading butter on an ever-expanding piece of toast. Improving social media presence is an on-going effort for Premiere Bro, but the areas in need of immediate attention are Pinterest and Instagram. Aligning these accounts more closely to the Premiere Bro brand and establishing a regular stream of content is the top priority for Premiere Bro social media.  


Premiere Pro Ask Me Anything

This, by far, is the most ambitious of the Premiere Bro goals for 2016. Steps are being taken to host a monthly Ask Me Anything session where Premiere Pro users can post live questions to be answered by moderating Premiere Pro professionals. I am currently researching what social platform would create the most productive and laid back experience. More details to come.



None of these efforts, past, present, of future, would be possible without the support of the Premiere Pro user community. It is a community of video editors as talented as it is diverse. The Premiere Pro users I engage with are a constant source of inspiration. It's true; the person who benefits most from Premiere Bro is me. For that, I owe it to the Premiere Pro user community. Your readership and engagement is always appreciated!


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Free Premiere Pro Edit Template by Motion Array

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