Post|Production World 2016: 7 Things You Should Know

Post|Production World 2016: 7 Things You Should Know

How to Get the Most (Premiere Pro) Out of P|PW

In a world... where post and production are cleverly separated by a vertical line, one Bro must rise above NLE objectivity to become the biggest Premiere Pro fanboy NAB Show has ever known.


Premiere Bro is excited to be partnering with Post|Production World on several levels. First, is as a first-time attendee and Premiere Pro training enthusiast. Whether it’s learning to navigate the event or showing me the ropes, I’m looking forward to mingling with other Premiere Pro users at P|PW! Second, Premiere Bro is attending as a “social insider” highlighting P|PW and, especially,  Premiere Pro training sessions. And third, Premiere Bro will be assisting with the Hands On: Mastering the Timeline: Color Correction and Grading in Premiere Pro course. More on this below!


What is Post|Production World?

Post|Production World (P|PW) is the world’s leading training event for content creators and designers including TV, film and video editors, producers, directors, graphic artists, motion graphics designers and new media specialists.
— Post|Production World

Post|Production World can appear a little overwhelming, not to mention the rest of NAB Show! (Did I mention this is my first time?) If this is your first NAB Show, then think of Premiere Bro as your sidekick—you get extra kick if you are also a Premiere Pro user! If you are a convention veteran, think of Premiere Bro as a conduit to help NAB Show noobies. Regardless of who you are, the goal is to help each other get the most of this amazing experience. Here are 7 things to get that helpful conversation going.


7 Things to Know About Post|Production World

1. Post|Production World (P|PW) takes place entirely on the second floor of the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), from 4/16-4/20.

2. The P|PW Registration Desk should be your first stop. There, you can pick up their badge, get additional info, and see the full P|PW schedule.

3. There will be 1-2 P|PW volunteers in each room at P|PW — feel free to approach them for help navigating the schedule, general P|PW-related questions and more.

4. The official Post|Production World hashtag is #PostProductionWorld. Follow @FMCTraining for official Post|Production World Tweets. And, of course, follow @PremiereBro for live Tweets, Instagrams, and Vines of Premiere Pro content from P|PW and NAB Show.

5. Post|Production Campus will be hosting free 30-minute tips and tricks for content creators. Located in the South Upper Hall, P|PW Campus is the Show Floor place to learn, network, and win prizes during the Happy Hours. See the full P|PW Campus schedule here.

6. NEW! P|PW University—a 5-day track designed specifically for recent graduates entering the job market. Teaching the essential skills to succeed in the modern production and postproduction industries, P|PW U is a substantial NAB Show option for young professionals. See the full list of P|PW University sessions here.

7. NEW! P|PW Hands-On Training—a 5-day program for intermediate to advanced attendees wanting to learn After Effects, color correction, and audio finishing techniques. These day-long courses combine instructor demonstration and hands-on practice. Sign up for a full pass or just one of the courses. NOTE: The hands-on courses are not included with the standard Post|Production World pass.

BONUS: Be on the lookout for Post|Production World raffles and giveaways, including free P|PW Session Passes! Premiere Bro will be handing out free P|PW Session Passes onsite.


Hands-On: Mastering the Timeline: Color Correction and Grading in Premiere Pro

Premiere Bro will be assisting Jeff Greenberg and Nick Harauz with the Hands On: Mastering the Timeline: Color Correction and Grading in Premiere Pro course. If you are looking to get "saturated" in Premiere Pro this year at NAB Show, sign up for this hands-on class! As mentioned above, the structure of the Hands-On course is a combination of instructor demonstration and attendee practice. Attendees will walk away from this class with a deep knowledge and experience in color correction and grading in Premiere Pro. Both Jeff and Nick are Adobe certified trainers and they each have incredible expertise and classroom presence. It’s a wonder there exists a room in all of NAB Show that can contain their combined power! (The room is N262.) Premiere Bro is stoked to be helping Jeff and Nick with this class, but just like a good lasagna, it's all about the sauce and the cheese. Still, Premiere Bro makes a good noodle.


More Premiere Pro at P|PW

Here are several Premiere Bro-recommended Premiere Pro training classes, ranging from beginner to expert skill-level. Just be aware, these are only a few from the long list of terrific P|PW Premiere Pro sessions. Click the images below to go to their webpages.


P|PW Quick Links


I hope after reading this you feel more prepared and more excited for Post|Production World. Got any more helpful P|PW tips? Please share them with me in the comments below. Looking forward to seeing you at P|PW!

Post|Production World is produced in partnership with Future Media Concepts. Premiere Bro is proudly sponsored by Future Media Concepts and JK Design to attend P|PW and NAB Show. Panel for Premiere Pro Panel for Premiere Pro

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