NAB Show New York 2016: Adobe Premiere Pro CC Recap

New York Post|Production Conference, Campus, and 5 Keyboard Shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC

By Paul Murphy

NAB Show New York is probably one of my favorite post-production events of the year. Not only because it’s the least distance I have to travel (I just took the subway from Brooklyn to the Javits Convention Centre), but it’s also a great condensed version of NAB Show Las Vegas, with all the best bits packed into 2 days. And much less gambling and casinos.

This is the first year it’s been called NAB Show New York (formerly Content & Communications World). Although most of us have been unofficially calling it that for years now.

Adobe Booth

This year the Adobe booth was manned by master trainer Maxim Jago, who was giving some crowd-drawing presentations on editing techniques, VR workflows and Team Projects in Premiere Pro CC. 

Maxim Jago manning the Adobe booth at NAB Show NY 2016. Photo by Paul Murphy.

Maxim Jago manning the Adobe booth at NAB Show NY 2016. Photo by Paul Murphy.

New York Post|Production Conference

One of my favorite parts of NAB Show New York was the New York Post|Production Conference — two full days of world-class training. It was a great opportunity to catch up with some of my favorite trainers, including Jeff Greenberg, Ashley Kennedy, Rich Harrington and Eran Stern, and sit in on their sessions. They are some of the best trainers out there, and always inspiring to watch. The conference itself was a great mix of presentations on editing, motion graphics, and production. It also offered unique hands-on sessions that focused on hot topics, such as VR, Drones and HDR workflows.

Post|Production Campus

I taught several sessions myself. The one that seemed to draw the biggest audience was my Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro, which I presented at the Post|Production Campus on the main floor. The Campus is the go-to place for quick hands-on educational sessions at NAB Show New York.

Paul Murphy, Post|Production Campus, NAB Show New York. Photo by Future Media Concepts.

5 Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro

For those of you who couldn’t join us at NAB Show New York this year, here’s five of my favorite hidden shortcuts from the talk:

1. Delete your preferences

  • Hold option while loading Premiere (Mac)
  • Hold alt while loading Premiere (PC)

2. Open your keyboard shortcuts

  • Opt+Cmd+K (Mac)
  • Ctrl+Alt+K (PC)

3, Close/expand all bins

  • Opt+close/expand any bin (Mac)
  • Alt+close/expand any bin (PC)

4. Toggle full screen

  • Cmd+` (Mac)
  • Ctrl+` (PC)

5. Toggle audio while scrubbing

  • Shift+S


Paul is a film editor, motion graphics designer and trainer based in Brooklyn, New York. Check out all his free tips and tutorials on his website Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.