MAX Online 2015 Day 2

5 Key Takeaways For Adobe MAX 2015 Wannabe Attendees

Here's 5 things Adobe MAX 2015 wannabe attendees can take home with them.

1. Baz Luhrmann took the stage and had a hard time sitting down! He admitted it's something he never does on set. The gist of his talk revolved around two things: ideas and storytelling. These two things are worked out in a process of people, collaborating with other creatives. His is the type of speech that will motivate you to get creative. Baz walks on stage around 1:28:40.

2. The featured session with film editor, Vashi Nedomansky (Sharknado 2, That Which I Love Destroys Me) is an absolute must watch. The information he provides in his presentation is invaluable for Premiere Pro editors of all skill levels. It is truly a peek behind the curtain of feature film editing. Vashi played a critical role in training the editorial teams of feature films Gone Girl and Deadpool and he speaks to those experiences in this session as well.
For me, the greatest takeaway from Vashi's session was this quote, "I'm going to go balls-out ... I want to cut a shark movie." The unapologetic ambition in his statement aligns with a big theme of Adobe MAX 2015 and that is—don't wait to create. And Adobe Creative Cloud suite gives creative artists all the necessary tools to start creating RIGHT NOW.

Slide from Vashi Nedomansky's keynote

3. Check out all the video track replays from both Days 1 & 2 of Adobe MAX 2015. Day 2 sessions include:
Creating Music. Creating Video. Bringing It Together with Creative Cloud with Jason Levine
- Color Catastrophe: Fixing Common Color Problems with Adobe Premiere Pro with Robbie Carman
Going Mobile: How Adobe Apps Help You in Preproduction, Production and Post with Abba Shapiro

4. Andy McNally, UX/UI design consultant, wrote/drew the following notes on Day 2 of Adobe MAX 2015. Thanks for sharing Andy! Could have used you in English class back in high school. Best notes ever.

5. A big thanks to Team Adobe for bringing all the excitement of Adobe MAX 2015 to those who could not attend and also for making these wonderful video sessions a permanent resource for all Creative Cloud users!

Sean Schools

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