MAX Online 2015 Day 1

8 Key Takeaways For Adobe MAX 2015 Wannabe Attendees

Here's 8 things Adobe MAX 2015 wannabe attendees can take home with them.

1. Adobe MAX can feel like the ol' mouth over the fire hydrant and this year was no different. This Tweet neatly summarizes today's events into 3 simple themes. Click the link to visit the Creative Cloud blog for a high level overview of Adobe MAX 2015 Day 1.

2. Apologies if you're an exclusive FCPX or Avid editor, but this is the Premiere Pro fansite, so I've got to say—it has to be tempting to enviously look over the fence at how quickly Adobe integrates the latest technologies into its professional video and audio applications. Premiere Pro may not be the best editing tool out there based on quantity of AAA work; but it would be almost impossible to contest the statement in this Tweet.  Especially if you define "committed to video" as being adaptive to industry changes without abandoning either professional or consumer markets.

3. Speaking of Premiere Pro. Tim Miller, director of the upcoming movie Deadpool, got on stage and shared how Premiere Pro came to be the editor for the film. Watch the MAX Online replay and skip to 1:30:20 to catch Tim Miller's talk.

4. Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud: Video & Audio Tools, a.k.a. #AdobeJesus, outdid himself when he took the stage to demo the Creative Cloud professional video and audio apps. It should be pointed out that only Jason Levine can outdo himself. Watch the MAX Online replay and skip to 1:47:20 and witness the Adobe Jesus phenomenon. 

5. Have a question for filmmaker Baz Luhrmann (dir. The Great Gatsby, Australia, Moulin Rouge!)? Ask the right one and he might answer live during tomorrows MAX Online presentation! Tweet @AdobeMAX with the hashtag #AskBaz.

6. Here's two things people at home definitely missed out on. Just keep the green going.

7. But you can listen to the Adobe MAX 2015 Spotify playlist. Close your eyes. You can almost hear the attendees laughing, taking selfies with their new Fujifilm XT10's.

8. It starts over tomorrow! That's 1pm ET time.
on't miss it!

Sean Schools

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