Introducing PProChat (Premiere Pro Chat)

Introducing PProChat (Premiere Pro Chat)

PProChat: The Premiere Pro User Chat and Facebook Group

PProChat is an online community where Premiere Pro users gather to discuss video editing topics, techniques, tips and tutorials. Here are the rules, and what you can expect from PProChat.

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What is PProChat?

First and foremost, PProChat is a grassroots initiative. Its value depends upon the participation of its members. There's no pretense that PProChat will be instantly popular. On the contrary, it will be considered a success if it remains conducive to learning and engaging with other Premiere Pro users, regardless of the number of members.

PProChat is a book club for Premiere Pro tutorials. Every week there will be a new theme accompanied by a tutorial for Premiere Pro users to discuss and share their own relevant examples with each other.


PProChat is for any and all Premiere Pro users who want to be part of weekly online discussions about Adobe Premiere Pro.


PProChat is an online community where members can learn from one another by discussing Premiere Pro editing topics, techniques, tips and tutorials. It's a closed group to maintain a small level of exclusivity and a high level of quality.


PProChat is every week for the whole week. Premiere Pro topics will be posted every Monday morning Eastern Standard Time (EST), and follow up questions and tutorials will be shared over the course of the week. PProChat will start March 6th, 2017.


PProChat is primarily a Facebook Group. However, there is a PProChat Twitter handle that will post discussion topics, questions and highlights, and monitor the #PProChat hashtag as well. The most effective way to participate in PProChat is through the Facebook group.


There are plenty of awesome post-production chats, groups and forums out there. But many people can't make time to participate in regularly scheduled chats. Also, it's a challenge to find a Premiere Pro community that focuses on specific topics. PProChat's week-long themes give Premiere Pro users the flexibility to participate as they are able. 


Join the PProChat Facebook group and follow PProChat on Twitter.

How PProChat Works

Every Monday morning (EST), PProChat will post a new Premiere Pro theme and tutorial for the week. Discussion questions and supporting tutorials will be posted throughout the remainder of the week. 

  1. Watch the tutorial, read what other Premiere Pro users are saying and join the conversation.
  2. Share your own work examples and tips. Just make sure they're helpful and relevant.
  3. Keep checking the group during the week to see how the conversation is going.


The topic for the week is Speed Ramping/Time Remapping in Premiere Pro featuring a tutorial by so-and-so. Discussion questions throughout the week might include:

  • What is your preferred method for Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro?
  • What was your most creative use of Speed Ramping? What style of video was it? What was the shot?
  • What is your workflow for handing off an edit with Speed Ramps to a colorist or audio mixer?
  • What sound effects, if any, do you use with your Speed Ramps?
  • What 3rd party tools do you use for Speed Ramping or Time Remapping?

The benefit of PProChat being a week-long, Facebook-driven chat is participants can tune in whenever it is convenient for them. There's no fear of missing out!

Rules for PProChat Facebook Group

  1. This group is for Adobe Premiere Pro users of all skill levels.

  2. Stay on theme. Questions that are off topic will be deleted or referred to the Premiere Pro Forums.

  3. Be polite and professional.

  4. Limit the use of profanity.

  5. Promotional and sponsored posts are not welcome unless they contribute value that is 1) free, and 2) relevant.

  6. By posting to PProChat, you understand that posts may be publicly shared by the moderators to promote further discussion.

  7. Piracy is strictly prohibited.

Any member or post that does not follow these rules will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

Let's Chat Premiere Pro!

If you have any comments or questions, please share them in the PProChat Facebook group. Looking forward to chatting Premiere Pro with you!

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