Panel for Premiere Pro Panel for Premiere Pro Real-Time Collaboration in Premiere Pro has released a comment-making, game-changing, integrated panel for Premiere Pro. It needs to be stated upfront that the panel is not a new feature, it's not a new tool. It's ALL of, redesigned to fit perfectly inside a Premiere Pro panel. It's amazing! at NAB Show 2016

This post is not intended to be an in-depth review of the panel. These are the highlights to get the word out before NAB Show. Last year at NAB Show, won Best in Show 2015. This integrated Premiere Pro panel is's "most ambitious project to date" making a NAB Show 2016 must-see. Visit in the RED booth #SL1517.

I anticipate this being a pretty big story for the Premiere community.
— Emery Wells, Co-Founder, Premiere Pro Panel Highlight Features:

The following is a brief Premiere Bro commentary on the list of highlight features taken directly from's blog post Introducing for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

"One click import and export of sequences, project files, and entire bins."

The panel makes it easy to upload project files and assets and share them with your team right inside Premiere Pro. When uploading an active sequence, has just the right amount of options. You can upload high quality or proxy-type media, save the rendered file locally, and enable auto-versioning. Adobe Media Encoder will fire up in the background and you can keep working while speedily does the rest.

"A shared cloud bin that multiple editors can work from"

Assets can also be downloaded from This benefit makes a legitimate file-sharing solution for editing teams.

"Real-time comments directly in your Premiere timeline with no marker syncing"

Once your sequence or files are uploaded, the creative collaboration can begin! ( supports emojis and hashtagging! Hip right?!) Collaborators and team members can begin adding timecoded comments that will appear in real-time inside the panel. You can begin addressing feedback right away and never leave Premiere Pro!

"Comment marker syncing for when you do not have an internet connection"

Whether you're editing in a suite or on the go, makes it easy to bring your video feedback with you. The reality is you can sync or not sync comment markers to your Premiere Pro sequence whenever you want!... as long as you have internet.

"Auto versioning for rapid iteration on creative ideas"

Organization is essential for effective collaboration. helps you and your team track progress and stay up to date with auto-versioning. It's an intuitive system, but you may want to invest some thought in how to best merge your existing file naming scheme with's version stacking.

"Sync’d playback in and your Premiere timeline"

The playhead in the panel is automatically linked to the Timeline playhead of uploaded Premiere Pro sequences. remembers the Premiere Pro sequence that each uploaded file is associated with. You can manually link playheads to other sequences as well.

Beyond Video Review and Approval is built for team collaboration. However, it also has a lot value for personal editing workflows too. While I was familiarizing myself with the panel, I found it was very easy to use the panel to keep track of my own thoughts and feedback. During a client review, I used the panel to record comments on an uploaded rough cut. Then I duplicated the rough cut sequence in the Project window, imported the comments as markers on the new sequence and started editing. All this was done without leaving Premiere Pro!

Our integration with Adobe Premiere Pro marks the beginning of what we think will be truly transformative workflows.
— Emery Wells, Co-Founder,

The point here is the panel is more than just a video review and approval service. The Premiere Pro panel has the potential for so much more. Cloud backup, file-sharing—it will be exciting to see what creative workflows Premiere Pro users come up with using the panel.

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