Deadpool — The Premiere Pro User Review

Deadpool — The Premiere Pro User Review

Deadpool; Marvel's Anti-Hero, Adobe's Super Hero

Deadpool has finally arrived and Marvel's anti-hero is doing what he does best... 

...and maybe that's best left inside the theater.

But on the outside, Deadpool has left its mark on the entertainment industry and especially on Hollywood. The raunchy super hero crushed the rated R record with $135 million opening weekend. As audiences, fans and families, debate the success of an R-rated Marvel anti-hero, the post production industry is buzzing around these words, "Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC".

Deadpool himself may have changed the face of big screen super heroes. But the film Deadpool has most definitely changed the future of editing.

This post is a collection of Premiere Pro user Tweets and Facebook posts in reaction to Deadpool being edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. All opinions belong to their respective authors. Posts are organized into the following sections:

  1. Uniting Premiere Pro Fans
  2. Giving Credit(s) Where it's Due
  3. Closing the Hollywood Gap
  4. Fueling the NLE Debate


  • NLE objectivity - this is the Premiere Pro fansite
  • Original content - this post features curated opinions
  • Editing workflow - this is a review

Deadpool Edited in Premiere Pro

First, a little context before jumping into what Premiere Pro users are saying about Deadpool.

Deadpool director, Tim Miller, was first recommended Adobe Premiere Pro CC by fellow filmmaker David Fincher, who had previously used it to cut Gone Girl, the first Hollywood feature-length film cut entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The first third of the following video recounts Tim's dialogue with David Fincher regarding the "best editorial package".

Tim says he chose Premiere Pro CC because he wanted to "work in the future". Notice how Tim repeatedly uses the terminology "editing package". He recognized the value of having an NLE that worked within a post production ecosystem driven by visual effects. In his own words, he was looking for an editorial package that provided an "uninterrupted flow between the idea and the output." This is precisely what Premiere Pro CC provides with Dynamic Link, the interoperability with After Effects CC. 

Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, explains pretty well why I've decided to permanently switch to cutting my films in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Posted by Kyle Oliver on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Uniting Premiere Pro Fans

Premiere Pro users came out for Deadpool opening weekend to have a good time and to support their hometeam NLE. Their reactions on social media have been overwhelmingly positive. Premiere Pro users couldn't be more proud of their editing software and the Adobe team that engineered it.

One of the best parts of DeadPool: "Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro"

Posted by David Collins on Friday, February 12, 2016

That feeling when you see Deadpool edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC... Ahhh love it! #adobefan ahhhh... Dig it!

Posted by Pragnesh Dodia on Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's edifying to see more films using the same editing software I do. Even more so that it was used on such a fun, entertaining movie, Dead Pool!

Posted by Brian Berneker on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Most surprising part of Deadpool was that it was edited on Premiere Pro. #Adobe #SuckItAvid

Posted by Nick Rossier on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Giving Credit(s) Where it's Due

No doubt Deadpool is a crowning achievement for the Adobe Premiere Pro team. It could be argued that it's a bigger landmark than Gone Girl because of its blockbuster-appeal. Regardless, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the dedicated Deadpool Adobe team appear in the film's credits. Premiere Pro users LOVED this.

FUN FACT: Deadpool was edited in Premiere Pro, as someone who edits 100% in Premiere seeing that Premiere logo in the...

Posted by Jaime Andres Esparza on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Inspiring Premiere Pro Editing

Second to its box office numbers, the best results of Deadpool being edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC is its accreditation on behalf of all Premiere Pro CC users. It's set a higher editing standard for all Premiere Pro users to expect of themselves. Let's use baseball as an illustration. Pretend you are in the minors and you use a particular bat everyday in practice and in games. One day you see your favorite pro team go on a winning streak using your same bat. You would feel pretty confident in the selection and capabilities of your bat! It's the same thing for Premiere Pro users watching Deadpool.

If DEADPOOL MOVIE can be edited with Adobe Premiere Pro, why can't we?

Posted by Khairul Izwan on Saturday, February 13, 2016

The fact that they edited the Deadpool movie in Adobe Premiere gives me hope for my future :3

Posted by Joseph Jones on Friday, February 12, 2016

Closing the Gap

Deadpool's success is also significant because it is yet another step towards eliminating the technological barrier between Hollywood and indie filmmakers. Deadpool helped many Premiere Pro users recognized that their Creative Cloud subscriptions to Premiere Pro CC provide them access to the very same editing tool that film editor, Julian Clarke, used to cut the film. It's an exciting time to be a Premiere Pro user; even as its features become more advanced, it never becomes any less accessible.

They edited Deadpool on Adobe Premiere?! That's awesome!! I USE PREMIERE! That clearly makes me and the makers of Deadpool like, best friends! Right?! Hit me up Marvel! #ChimichangaThursdays

Posted by Jared Seaich on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

They edited Deadpool in Adobe Premiere. That's proof that the gap between hollywood and indie is closing if not closed. Even the low budget filmmaker has access to the same tools as hollywood now

Posted by Adisa Sobers on Friday, February 12, 2016

#Deadpool non-spoiler note: I find it interesting--as a former pro editor--that the film was edited completely using...

Posted by Mark Rossmore on Friday, February 12, 2016

I've been using Adobe Premiere Pro since release 1 and it's really amazing to see how far it had arrived in just under a...

Posted by Beno Saradzic on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fueling the NLE Debate

Here is where things get dicey. If you are an Avid or FCPX enthusiast, you may not want to continue reading. To put it mildly, the following posts reflect the frustrations of Premiere Pro users being told for years that, to be a Hollywood editor, you have to cut in Avid or Final Cut Pro. Not so anymore! In a very real sense, this film has become the new mouthpiece through which many Premiere Pro users feel represented. And what better spokesman than the Merc with a mouth? However, some of the following statements are worded so that even Deadpool might blush. Please continue reading at your own discretion.

The following opinions belong solely to their respective authors are not representative of Premiere Bro. 

Deadpool was fucking amazing and a little fun fact here, it was edited on Premiere Pro there is no excuse for using Avid Media Composer over Premiere ;) #FilmNerd #Editing #GetYourShitTogetherFilmSchool

Posted by Pishi Modaressi on Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear Avid and FCP editors... you are on the titanic, leave NOW. I have said this for years.. all other NLE are done...

Posted by Brian Dickson on Sunday, February 14, 2016

BTW... (THIS IS SPOILER FREE)... Deadpool settled the editing debate one and for all... if you liked how it looked and...

Posted by Kriss Hoffman on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Something I couldn't mention in my review for Deadpool is that it was edited on Adobe Premiere CC. I could be wrong but...

Posted by Daniel Armour on Friday, February 12, 2016

Apple dropped the ball with Final Cut Pro and Adobe picked that bitch up and ran 100 yards with it like a boss.

Posted by Anthony Clyde Nelson on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just so you know Deadpool was edited together using Adobe Premiere Pro! The software I use!!! Fuck outta here Final Cut/iMovie!!!

Posted by Rahi Miah on Sunday, February 14, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and to the Adobe Premiere Pro team whose work was essential to the success of Deadpool. Hopefully this post further illuminates and celebrates the impact your product has had on Deadpool fans, on the Premiere Pro user community and on the post production industry. Thanks! 

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