Creative Cloud CC 2015

Creative Cloud CC 2015

Creative Cloud CC 2015

Creative Cloud CC 2015

It's. Finally. Here. 

Before you upgrade, one thing you should know...

Creative Cloud 2015

As of this morning, June 16th, CC 2015 is available for Creative Cloud members. It was incredible to watch the #CCNext pulse begin on Twitter. First a Tweet, then another, now the feed is jammed with Creative Cloud chatter. Obviously, I'll be exploring all the new toys along with every other Creative Cloud user but I wanted to post one important message that needs to be heard.

CC 2015 Will Remove Previous App Versions

Here's the message posted on the After Effects blog:

By default, when you install a CC 2015 version of an application using the Creative Cloud desktop utility, previous versions of that application will be uninstalled, leaving only the most recent version. For example, by default, installing After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) using the Creative Cloud desktop utility will uninstall After Effects CC 2014 (13.2), After Effects CC (12.2), and After Effects CS6 (11.0).
— After Effects Blog

'Remove Old Versions' In Advanced Options

Thankfully, Adobe is not forcing Creative Cloud users to abandon older versions by upgrading. When you go to update an app, clicking the "Update" button will show this dialog box: 

CLICK ADVANCED OPTIONS to reveal (what should really not be an advanced option) the check box "Remove old versions."

Uncheck "Remove Old Versions"

Why Adobe decided to check this box by default is beyond me. They should have made it easier on their customer care and social media teams by leaving this unchecked. I can see the complaints rolling in... 

No matter where you are with jobs or client projects. You should leave this unchecked. You can always delete older versions once the CC 2015 apps are running to your taste. Think of it this way: you're not loosing anything by keeping older versions!

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