CC 2014.2: GoPro CineForm Preset Updates


Adobe has updated the names of their GoPro CineForm export presets.

In the previous release of Adobe Media Encoder, there was a mismatch between the GoPro CineForm presets and their bit depth settings. The presets have been renamed to better match their color channel and bit depth settings.
— Adobe Media Encoder Help | New Features Summary

When you hover over the slider a pop-up window appears explaining the five quality options.

GoPro Cineform quality settings in Premiere Pro

The slider always correlated to these five options but without this pop-up window it felt very arbitrary. Users still need to inform themselves on what these options mean in order to choose which setting best suites their footage and project requirements, but at least this pop-up makes it a little more intuitive. These five quality options come directly from GoPro CineForm's propriety apps: GoPro Studio Premium and GoPro Studio Professional. To learn more about these settings, click the button below to read Jake Segraves explanation.

Sean Schools

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