Brotorials 2.0

Brotorials 2.0

Brotorials 2.0 feature a shiny new look and a chill new voice; both of which streamline the tutorial making process and shorten turnaround time. In addition to the "classic" 15 second tutorials hosted on Instagram, the new brotorials introduce 30 and 60 second tutorials exclusively for YouTube. Brotorials will begin rolling out alongside the release of the next version of Premiere Pro. Check out the video and stay tuned!

"I Will Never Be A Premiere Pro Expert"

I will never be an expert for two reasons: 

1) Adobe keeps Premiere Pro on the cutting edge, consistently rolling out new tools to integrate within dynamic workflows and, 

2) I believe, the moment I define myself as an “expert”, is the moment I cease to be one. Real expertise is ongoing learning. So, even if in some future I am referred to as a Premiere Pro expert, one thing will remain the same; I will still be watching Premiere Pro tutorials.

Video tutorials are the best way to learn a new skill, refresh some old ones, or get a new perspective on something you already know. Premiere Pro is the same. It’s best practice to watch tutorials, even if it’s review. That said, the biggest turn off for me, when choosing whether or not to click on a tutorial, is long runtimes. At best, I end up skipping through them. 

What Are “Brotorials?”

Brotorials are short form Premiere Pro tutorials hosted on Instagram (15 seconds) and YouTube (30 & 60 seconds). Brotorials were created on the belief on that Premiere Pro users, both beginners and professionals, know what they need learn (too paradoxical?) and don’t want to skip around inside long tutorials looking for relevant information. Brotorials provide concise, bite size, without-further-ado Premiere Pro tips, how-tos, and shortcuts in one click. Describing a brotorial takes longer than watching one! See for yourself, here.

What’s New In Brotorials 2.0?

Brotorials 2.0 will no longer be branded as "15 second Premiere Pro tutorials hosted on Instagram." Instead, they will be promoted as "short form Premiere Pro tutorials." As mentioned above, 30 and 60 second brotorials will be coming exclusively to YouTube. At the time of this writing, 30 and 60 seconds is still considered short form, comparatively. The benefit of establishing  hard time limits is it forces editors to prioritize information given the available time to communicate it. That's what Premiere Bro is all about; the most relevant Premiere Pro info in the shortest amount of time.

Brotorials 2.0 feature a distinct new voice—an automated one. Naturally, I’d much rather hear my own voice as well, but alas, voice recording consumes too much time. Brotorials are about speed! The new voice of Premiere Bro streamlines the tutorial making process and will dramatically shorten turnaround times. Plus, he sounds like a bro.

Brotorials 2.0 also have a new look which intentionally coincides with the next release of the more colorful Premiere Pro. Brotorials 2.0 will begin rolling out as soon as the new Premiere Pro is available.

Have An Idea For A Brotorial?

I love making these short Premiere Pro tutorials; I think I get more out of them than anyone else! Despite the automated voice, I am not a robot. Your feedback is welcome! I love the opportunity to respond to your comments and critique.

Premiere Bro Updates 5/29/15

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