Brotorial: Send To Unassociated Metadata In Prelude

Understanding the Send to Unassociated Metadata feature in Adobe Prelude

Discovering the Send to Unassociated Metadata feature in Adobe Prelude is log-altering. See what I did there? Log/life...Eh?

Seriously, if you're working with multicam clips you need to familiarize yourself with this tool. The ability to copy your subclips and comment markers to other clips will cut your multicam logging time in half! Maybe you were like me, logging camera A and grouping your other angles to it by timecode in Premiere. Now, in just a matter of clicks, you can add all your marker metadata to any clip even if it's not the same duration or timecode. Simply find a common starting point (use a marker!) and Prelude will add your metadata, intuitively preserving the relative spacing of your subclips and comments. If you want to be anal-retentive about it (admitted, most video editors had problems during potty training) you can trim all your mutlicam clips to the same length which will enable Prelude to add metadata based on clip duration. If you're not using Prelude in your logging workflow, you should. If you're not using Send to Unassociated Metadata for multicam logging, you should.

Check out the brotorial below. It's an 'eye-opening' experience.

Learn to copy markers from one clip to another with Send to Unassociated Metadata in #adobe #prelude #brotorial

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