A .Look At The Colorful New Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro CC 2015

Premiere Pro CC 2015

Adobe just pushed out the first real look at what's coming to Creative Cloud in 2015. Announcements of the new video app features were posted to Adobe's various blogs and are meant to wet appetites for the full reveal at NAB 2015. Adobe has made an obvious investment in the color controls within its apps, particularly in Premiere Pro. The following videos highlight several exciting color features that will be released in next version of Creative Cloud.

Lumetri Color Panel

This new panel (found under the new Color workspace by default) reminds me of the FCPX approach to clip-based color adjustments. Easily forgivable. It is a very convenient way to work with color effects and it still looks very much Adobe. Just the other day I was experimenting with video in Photoshop using the Camera RAW filter and thinking to myself, it would be nice to have these slider controls in Premiere Pro. Wish granted.

Lumetri 3-Way Color Corrector

For those who may be dismayed at the simplicity of the new Lumetri Color panel, fear not. The updated 3-Way Color Corrector is built into the panel, giving editors greater control to make more nuanced color adjustments. My hope (my very, very deep hope) is that Adobe has not only kept the Show Tonal Range tool but made it even more accessible. (See the brotorial 3-Way Color Corrector: Show Tonal Range.) In my opinion, it's the ability to define the shadows, midtones, and highlights using the tonal range controls that makes the 3-Way Color Corrector powerful and unique.

Curves And Hue Saturation

In addition to the built in 3-Way Color Corrector, the new Lumetri Color panel also contains a familiar RGB curves graph and Hue Saturation wheel... circle... round thing. I think the real excitement is going to surround the new Hue Saturation control. For many of my small projects, when working with color, the only reason I leave Premiere Pro is for greater HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) controls in Adobe Speedgrade or similar. Now that the Lumetri Color panel gives editors the ability to make hue-based color adjustments, there will be less reason to leave Premiere Pro when working on smaller projects.

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