Premiere Bro Glossary

(in alphabetical order)

Features - Original Premiere Bro content.

Premiere Bro Blog - Original Premiere Bro blog posts. Includes Premiere Profiles and Premiere Products posts. Posts approximately 3-4 times a month.

Premiere in Post - Micro blog for "quick and dirty" posts. Includes Premiere Promos posts. Posts dependent on Premiere Pro news and events.

Premiere Portal - Dashboard of Premiere Pro blogs, social media feeds, and forums. A comprehensive, real-time view of Premiere Pro content on the web.

Premiere Products - Reviews of 3rd party hardware, addons, extensions, and plugins compatible with Premiere Pro. Featured on the Premiere Bro Blog. Posts sporadically.

Premiere Profiles - Premiere Bro interviews with Premiere Pro editors. Featured on the Premiere Bro Blog. Posts sporadically.

Premiere Projects - Videos edited exclusively in Premiere Pro, accompanied with a brief Premiere Pro tip from the editor. Featured in Premiere in Post. Posts sporadically.

Shorts - Curated Premiere Pro content.

Week in Premiere - A weekly recap of Premiere Pro stories, news, tips, and tutorials. The best way to stay current on everything Premiere Pro. Posts every Friday.